Wolf Blitzer Will Put All Of You In, Uhh, All Of You In Timeout

Wolf Blitzer Will Put All Of You In, Uhh, All Of You In Timeout

Welcome to the Situation Room on uh CN, CNN. Here we have Hilary, Hilary Rose Clinton, no, that's uhhh, that's Hilary Rosen, the Obama administration's president, according the latest, information. Miss Hilary will you,you said last night on CNN's Best Political... it was the best political team on television, on CNN where you were. You, Miss Clinton Rose, you said that Ann Romney -- and Ann Romney, this is a wonderful woman, the wife of Mitt Clinton, her name again is Ann Romney -- that uhh, that, she has never worked a day in her life, this is what you said. I want you to look into this camera, this CNN camera, from Washington, and I want you to apologize to Ann Romney, a lovely uhh, lady, with horses, this is what she rides.

Now you talk, Hilary, you talk to your husband Bill Romney, no, we are getting new information that, no, no you will talk to Ann McCain, and apologize. We are under the bus, live, on the best CNN politi-, uhh, CNN on cable.

[Rosen dutifully looks into camera, speaks to Ann Romney]

I didn't hear an apology.

Now we will, uh, caterpillar, no, women, we will women next, on CNN, with Jack Cafferty of the Rosen Files, the Cafferty Files, with your responses to world news, the news of the world, all politics here, with the best team, Borger, uhh, Gloria Berger, John King, holograms, Jessica, the drones, yes, what, uhh, and beer, summit, that is the story at this hour.


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