Wolfowitz Has Greatness, Resignation Thrust Upon Him

Paul Wolfowitz, tragic hero.

The friend who saw Mr. Wolfowitz's term at the bank as a second chance said: "It was not that he was looking for a redemption from Iraq per se. But he was certainly looking for something to do as a great man in foreign policy, which is how he has always seen himself."

Don't worry, Paul. Chris Hitchens may be the only person left on Earth you have a lick of credibility left with, but we still consider you a great man in foreign policy. It takes a great man to fuck it up this grandly for so many years to come. And way to take down the World Bank on your way out!

What's next for Paul, anyway? We have some suggestions for the great one, based on other institutions we'd like to see destroyed.

* SNL "featured player"

* Time magazine contributor.

* Publicist for Lindsay Lohan

* VH1 talking head.

* Tucker Carlson

* Publisher, Gawker Media.

A 'Second Chance' at Career Goes Sour [NYT]


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