Wolfowitz Pays Arab Gal $200,000 Per Year To Fuck Him

'n walked the village idiot and his face was all aglow, He's been up all night listening to Mohammed's Radio - WonketteWorld Bank boss and Neocon sociopath Paul Wolfowitz can't manage to buy new socks, but he has given his Arab girlfriend $61,000 in raises for a job she actually left years ago -- to work for Elizabeth Cheney at the State Department!

The girlfriend of the married Wolfowitz, Shaha Ali Riza, now earns $193,590 per year from the World Bank -- that's more than Condi Rice makes as secretary of state. And she apparently doesn't even pay taxes, since she's not an American.

Wolfowitz, who has the morals and dignity of a feral dog, finally put out a memo today taking "full responsibility" (he's not quitting) for brazenly stealing money from the world's poor to pay for his adulteress. The World Bank's board will fire him later this week.

Wolfowitz Responds to Controversy Over Staffer [WSJ Washington Wire]

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