Woman Claims Vaccines Are A Secret Plot To Make Us Glow Under Black Light

Woman Claims Vaccines Are A Secret Plot To Make Us Glow Under Black Light

Man, the hits just keep on coming with these school board meetings, no? And really, the more I watch them, the more I learn about, well, things that are just definitely not true. Because people are so mad at the idea of getting vaccinated or having to wear masks that they just start making shit up.

Like this lady from a school board meeting in Palm Beach, Florida who says that not only do the vaccines make us magnetic, but that they also make us all glow under black light. Neat!

She said:

It's never been about your health. It's never been about your health! It's about control and compliance. And lemme tell you something! Go home tonight and take one of these spoons and put it on your vaccination spot. Guess what? It's gonna stick to you! Get a in a corner! Get into some silence and some meditation — hopefully some of you believe in God! — and pray and check in with yourself, or your, whoever you answer to, and ask, "Is this something normal? To have metal stick to you? Is this human? No!

Guess what else? You take a black light flashlight and shine it on your veins and you're now gonna glow in the black light! Because guess what? You're no longer human! You're 2.0's! And we are afraid of YOU!

You shouldn't be afraid of us! Because you're shedding your spike proteins and this is the reason why people are in the hospital! It's not the unvaccinated! It's the vaccinated! It's the vaccinated and guess what? The truth is coming out, everything is bubbling up. You guys are disposable! And whoever you're puppeting, whoever you're parroting, they don't care about you any more or less than you care about the kids.

I invite you to get a conscience, because if you're vaccinated, your time is limited anyways, but I ask you to get on your knees and repent and ask for forgiveness. Because this is not just happening on this field and on this plane. You're gonna be paying for this for the rest of eternity. All right? So I will tell you good luck, God bless. See ya!

So like ... what I am getting from this is that I made a huge mistake by not going into Spencer's Gifts this week when I was at the mall. They sell black lights there still, along with literally everything else they had in the 90s.

Just look at all these Nirvana shirts!

Sadly, they do not have the see-through phones there anymore. But they do have lava lamps for when you have your awesome glowing vein black light party.

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