Woman Refuses To Take Bag Off Seat, Gets Taught Lesson! Tabs, Thurs., Feb. 9, 2023

Tabs gif by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Harold Meyerson loooooved Joe's SOTU :) (The American Prospect)

Not sure Donald Trump's really the guy to accuse Ron DeSantis of underage hinkies, but then again, who cares, not me! (Talking Points Memo)

LIZ, I said. "Tina Peters falsely implies on Joe Oltmann show that the Mesa County D.A. murdered the brothers of two witnesses against her." WUT, Liz said. YOU HEARD ME, I said. It's self-explanatory! — Anne Landman Blog

Newly arrested insurrectionist was out on bail for attempted murder. That does sound like them! — NBC News

Joe Manchin discusses "debt ceiling." Those are indeed words, in several sentences!

“This is a democracy that we have. We have a two-party system,” Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) said on CNN’s State of the Union. “And we should be able to talk and find out where our differences are. And if they are irreconcilable, then you have to move on from there and let the people make their decisions.”

Now what do you suppose they actually mean? (Talking Points Memo)

Preserve your shit, Bannon et alia! (NBC News)

It's Farm Bill time, and Cory Booker's got a real nice package, heh heh heh heh. — Civil Eats / Booker

As much as we got the hell out of Montana because "lunatics," I would still be very very very surprised if even the lunatics of the Montana Lege actually passed this bill to outlaw "the teaching of scientific theories because theories aren't facts." But really, you never do know! (MTPR)

Worst. Pornography. Ever. (Besides the Hank Aaron biography some other Florida school district has banned.) — Judd Legum at Popular Info

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has unveiled the education plan she sneak-peeked in her American Carnage SOTU response: teachers raises and tax money for any Arkansas madrassa you'd like to found! Get to foundin'! (4029 TV)

Ice Town Costs Ice Clown His Town Crown! But don't worry, Kansas boy mayor Hunter Larkin — who went on to soulfully recite by heart an Apple commercial — is a STAR, JERRY, A STAR!

In a move that one Goddard resident likened to “Germany in 1935,” Larkin manipulated existing rules to reclaim a position he’d lost in May 2022 following a news report detailing questionable ties to a local real estate family. After his ouster in 2022, Larkin was arrested for DUI, then launched a bid for the statehouse, promising he would spend his time focusing on “voter integrity, the right to bear arms, protecting the unborn and keeping Critical Race Theory (CRT) out of schools.” He lost. However, as The Daily Beast reported last month, Larkin kept his seat on the Goddard City Council, eventually using his position to gain other members’ support behind the scenes before dispatching then-Mayor Larry Zimmerman along with a city administrator who had been critical of his business dealings.

Daily Beast

Cintra Wilson unearths her old NYT fashion criticism: visiting Lilly Pulitzer's store, an empire fashioned from just two empires and a juice stand. How much could it cost Michael, two hundred and ninety-five dollars? (Cintra Wilson Feels Your Pain)

Reading Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is always a goddamn treat. Here he is on LeBron breaking his record, with all the wisdom and true generosity of feeling you've come to expect. He is, as always, glorious. — Substack

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