Woman Who Took Private Jet To Capitol Riots Will Have To Manage Her Life Coaching Website In Jail

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Woman Who Took Private Jet To Capitol Riots Will Have To Manage Her Life Coaching Website In Jail

Jenna Ryan does not feel like a criminal.

The Texas real estate agent/ talk show/life coach host flew to Washington, DC last week for the "Stop the Steal" rally being held while Congress was certifying the electoral votes and ended up marching over to the Capitol to participate in a riot meant to stop the counting of those electoral votes. A riot that ended in the deaths of five people.

While at the Capitol, Ryan posed for a cutesy photo to Twitter next to a smashed window, along with the caption "Window at the capital (sic). And if the news doesn't stop lying about us we're going to come after their studios next."

She was also seen inside the building.

She was taken in by the FBI and is being charged with knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or ground without lawful authority and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.

In the days since the storming of the Capitol, Ryan has attempted a variety of excuses. She's said she only wanted to go to a peaceful march and was just appalled that it got violent, insisting that she absolutely condemns the violence. It does not seem as though she condemned the broken window she posed in front of, like an idiot.

Also this video in which she literally explains how "the plan" is to go to the Capitol, forcefully enter and break windows, before she joined a crowd forcefully entering the Capitol and posing next to a broken window.

Jenna Ryan is clearly very bad at doing crime, which is probably why, as she explains in this video, she does not feel like a criminal. Probably because a criminal would be smart enough to not livestream a B&E.

In that video she also explains that she believed she was following the orders of her President, whom she is also asking for a pardon. Ryan thinks he should pardon her and all of the other people who stormed the Capitol (QAnon Shaman guy would also like a pardon, please and thank you), because they were only doing what he asked her to. Of course, if he says he ordered these people to do what he did, he's admitting to a crime himself. So he probably won't do that.

Ryan is very concerned that she is being very persecuted and very misjudged, which does not seem to be the case here. She was incredibly clear, on video, explaining her plans and what sort of crimes she hoped to commit, and she is now being arrested for exactly those crimes.

Ryan was not arrested for loving Donald Trump too much. She was not arrested for her political opinions. In fact, if she had different political opinions it is very likely that her ass would have been in jail before she even made it onto the front steps of the Capitol. If she had filmed herself planning to break into Congress and smash windows because she was upset over the cancellation of her favorite television show, and then broke into Congress and smashed windows, she would have been arrested for that. Because it's illegal. This is not a political persecution, it's "people doing a crime" and then getting in trouble for that.

As Life Coach Jenna Ryan, who has a life coaching website at which she posts memes of her own words of wisdom, would say, "Empowerment dwells in self awareness."

Also ... "You are the garden keeper of your own soul ... smell the buttercups." (buttercups do not smell like anything)


Or ... "Adjust your thoughts to the tune of what you want"

Though perhaps she could seek outside advice, for this particular situation.

Leave The Gun ---Clemenza

Or even from me. Because frankly, if this bitch can life coach, why not me?

"If you want to commit a crime, don't fucking film yourself planning it and then post the video to Twitter"


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