Women With Breast Implants Speak Out On Sarah Palin's Suspected Breast Implants


Wonkette has never broken a more Important News Story than that one about Sarah Palin maybe or maybe notgetting new boobs from the doctor. It has been repeated and reposted around the world, even on Howard Stern's show. And, for the first time in HISTORY, Sarah Palin is actually keeping her mouth shut. No Twitters denying it, no petulant Facebook grade-school essays on the topic, really no defense of The Troops at all. Google News is currently showing 486 articles matching "Sarah Palin + breasts," all because of Wonkette's dumb pasted-together compare/contrast pictures of Sarah Palin with and without her suspected body modification nihilism. Everybody seems to think this story is super important!

Or not. But it will generate many, many page views! And that's like the Internet version of "teevee ratings" or "the Nobel Prize for Literature," so it's a major concern for any serious news organization, to pick up and repeat a speculative item on the "notorious political blog Wonkette."

So, we've finally got something Sarah Palin won't talk about, which is awesome.

And we've got so many gazillion Lame Stream Media newspapers and radio shows and blogs all jabbering about Sarah Palin's breats -- which, you will note, were never an issue before, not even to Andrew Sullivan during his decade-long Trig Investigation. But do we have any information? No, of course not.

We do, however, have a bunch of hilarious new speculation by women who have actually purchased breast implants! And we found this trove of insider data on a little website we like to call "," because that is the name of the website:

  • Where did Sarah Palin's boobs come from!?! They look really nice!! What do you all think? Did she buy herself a pair or what? Or luxury items as the article says, haha I like that! It's funny in that article it talks about how the only people that look at breast more than straight men, are straight women. I know with me, especially now, that it's true. My fiance told me that within the last month he doesn't think he's seen so many boobs in his entire lifetime because I've been researching it so hardcore!
  • I think yes, and I like them!! haha luxury items, that is a good one
  • Hehe it's true...I've been looking at way too many boobies and dragging DH into it as well (I don't think he minds that much ) The third pic looks awesome but don't know if she had them done or if the other outfits just cover her assets up more and the v-neck t-shirt accentuates them...either way they look great in the last one.
  • They do look I wonder? Or maybe she got a new VS bra? The world may never know! We need some palin bathing suit shots to be sure! lol
  • Obama's done it, so if she wants to be taken seriously for president in the next election then she best bust out the bikini's! Not that Obama wore a bikini haha, but whatever!
  • LOL for real though!! Apparently she is refusing to comment on the matter. hmmmmmmmmm.....!?
  • LOL! I actually read that she got a boob job somewhere else too. I think she did...I mean BAM!


    5'3 115 11BWD (right is slightly smaller due to ribcage, not breast tissue)

    28" cage

    mentor silicone memory gel 300cc (L) 325cc (R)

    mod + dual plane

    Pre breast augmentation 34A

    Post breast augmentation 32D

    Operation date: March 16, 2010

That last bit, in italics, is known as a "forum sig" -- a signature at the bottom of all your contributions to the forum. How does your forum sig compare?

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