What the heck is going on? Are famous people abandoning our fair city -- or are you, our readers, just not sending in enough sightings to us?

After the jump, a handful of desultory Wonk'd items. We were so hard up for sightings that most of our items involve D.C. types spotted hundreds of miles away from the District.

We know that you can do better for next week. Please email us your sightings, with "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line. Much thanks!

* just saw senator lieberman in the lobby at the dcjcc (2/19 ~ 7 pm). it doesn't look like he was scheduled to speak or anything, so i guess he was just chillin. all i could think of was jon stewart's dead-on, eeyore esque impression.

* Saw former Presidential Candidate/House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt on United Airlines flight from Dulles to Oakland on Friday (2/10). He was traveling coach with us fellow plebians and a woman who looked to be his wife (?). Btw, who flies to Oakland? Is he trying to save $ like the rest of us by not flying directly into SFO? Pinching pennies now that the lobbyists aren't paying for the trips anymore? Saw him again in the baggage claim area after we landed, no driver or other lackeys waiting for him. Guess life after spouting anti-free trade rhetoric during his campaign doesn't get you too far with the private sector once you leave the politics game. He looked really beat up.

* I saw David Gregory outside of the White House this morning (Feb. 17), working his cell while walking. He was wearing horrible pointy oxblood loafers with a gray suit. No idea how I noticed that.

Now, some outside-the-Beltway items from Chicago and Los Angeles:

* WELL?? at 11:00 am Chicago time (TODAY, FEBRUARY 17) I happened to stop in the Starbucks in the lobby of the Sears Tower and who should I see but the WAY HOT Rep. Rahm Emanuel of IL 5th District. So close I could touch him. He was talkin' to two other suits who weren't as debonair as he.

* I was at Arnie Morton's last night in Beverly Hills. Gathered in a private room was THE cabal of the Hollywood left: Barbara Streisand (with James Broland), Warren Beatty (I assume with Annette Benning, not confirmed), Mark Burnett, Howard Dean. Along for the ride (which is really what made it interesting) was John McCain! What could this mean?

And from the Big Apple, a few sightings:

* Chelsea Clinton at "Bubby's" in Tribeca

* Al Sharpton at Old Homestead, a steakhouse in the meatpacking district

* Dan (freakin!) Senor!! (Um, in case you have never heard of him... he is the former Iraq Coalition Provisional Authority spokesman and a "Fox News contributor" -- but much more importantly.... fiancee to the all time biggest babe/member of the pantheon of babes/total hottie, Campbell (freakin!) Brown! He was running desperately and awkwardly on the treadmill at the Tribeca Equinox. This guy is a hero to me -- a nerdy policy geek with neo-con/conservative (I assume) ideals/credentials who landed Campbell (freakin!) Brown! He is THE MAN!


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