It's a full service edition of Wonk'd, as Bill Frist stands Chrst-like in front of a three-way mirror for a suit fitting, and Jenna and Barbara Bush get spa treatments. LL Cool J and Wolf Blitzer take to the city's fine dining establishments, while Dick Cheney and Ashlee Simpson stick to the 'burbs.

Different strokes for different folks. While Teresa Heinz Kerry might not think twice about dropping six bills on dinner, Ruth Bader Ginsburg shops at Safeway like the rest of us. That, and Sam Donaldson has to bribe a cabbie to get picked up, just like we do.

You know the drill: the full list of sightings appears after the jump. And please continue to email us with your celebrity sightings, with "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line. Thanks in advance for your delectable contributions.

* It took Sam Donaldson a good five minutes to hail a cab at lunchtime on Wednesday [6/28]. He was standing on the 1100 block of Connecticut Avenue, and after about the 12th cab drove by, I swear to God I heard him mutter, "Jesus Christ, I'm Sam Donaldson."

* I saw Senator Bill Frist at the Brooks Brothers on Connecticut Avenue south of Dupont [6/23]. I went in to help my boyfriend buy a pair of khakis and spotted the senator in the fitting room being fawned over by a number of store employees fitting him for a suit. He was bragging about working out. The liberal in me really wanted to say something to him since he couldn't really move while they were pinning his trousers, but my boyfriend didn't want us to be removed from the store by his very large Secret Service agent.

* I just returned [6/26] from 5 days at Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires and everyone there was abuzz with the fact that amongst the guests were the Bush twins. I personally saw them a few times in the spa waiting for a massage, and in the Cardio Boot Camp fit class. They were not particularly friendly (if at all) to guests (some guests found them rude -- not saying thank you to doors held open, etc.), though they did seem to be very polite to staff. Their performance in Cardio Boot Camp was more than adequate, they took all the challenges to heart and did not appear to slack off in the least.

* Saw LL Cool J at Poste in the Hotel Monaco [6/23] for dinner with a boring white guy and an extra large black guy who doubles as a bodyguard. LL has added significant LBs, my wife commented it was too fat to be him until our waitress confirmed it.

* Spotted Newt Gingrich crossing the street to the Air and Space Museum Sunday (6/25) afternoon around 4:30. Was holding a little girl's hand, who looked about 6. Maybe his granddaughter?

* Saw Mr. Situation Room himself, Wolf Blitzer brunching at the Four Seasons on Sunday [6/25]. Navy blazer, gray slacks, patterned blue shirt and loudly patterned orange tie -- yuck. Other than the dismal outfit choice, he was looking well and trim. Went back for a couple of rounds (but so did I). Caught me staring at him and was kind of creeped out. Sorry Wolf! With 3 other men and 2 women -- the oddest looking table, really. One where you look at them and wonder how on earth they could all know each other.

* Last Wednesday evening [6/21] I stood in a long checkout line behind Teresa Heinz Kerry at Dean & Deluca. You rarely see anyone with more than a basket of stuff there, but Teresa had filled an entire shopping cart to the brim. Seriously, how much imported Chorizo and Tibetan yak cheese do you really need at once? She patiently sipped on a Voss water while those in line grumbled and tapped their feet. A D&D clerk carried her bags out after her and even the checkout guy was amazed at the grand total: $615 and change.

* Saw Dick Cheney and his entourage on Saturday June 24 dining at Mason's in Easton, MD on the Eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay.

* This past weekend [6/24-6/25], I saw Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, shopping at the Safeway near the Watergate, where she lives. She was wearing big sunglasses, and it seemed like she didn't want people to see her. I didn't get a good look at the groceries she picked up. Surprising to see her at a Safeway. Her husband is a gourmet chef, so I'd expect them to shop at a Whole Foods.

* Saw Ashlee Simpson last night [6/28] at Ned Devine's in Sterling, VA. She was hanging with 2 other girlfriends and at least 4 guys. Looked good.

* The Question Mark Man Matthew Lesko (you know, "FREE Money from the Government" Infomercial Guy)--was seen at Starbucks in Chevy-Chase DC [6/28]. And yes, he was wearing the suit, and yes he was pissed people recognized him.

* Saw Sheila Jackson Lee at Tony Mandola's Gulf Coast Kitchen in Houston on Saturday night [6/17] with her husband. She was decked out in red, didn't talk to anybody and sat in the back of the restaurant, surrounded by the only empty tables there. Incidentally, Howard Dean was at a private fundraiser at the same restaurant on Wednesday. He ordered the pan-fried stuffed flounder and a sparkling water.


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