Politics is 99% image, the other half is kissing babies. Jim Ramstad knows that and his top-down-screaming-out, "money ain't a thing" lifestyle is letting you know he's skipping the 8th step -- no apologies. Michael Hayden isn't apologizing either, he likes the European futbol and doesn't give a damn if it's the 4th of July. Mike Piazza's not running for anything but he knows the voters love the Magnum P.I. style, and Bill Bennett's not running either, but he probably should start, for his health.

If you want to get noticed in DC you should start working 60-hour weeks and ostentatiously kissing ass. If you notice someone else, with that rosy just-had-my-ass-kissed glow, email us! Please put "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line with Mr. or Ms. Fabulous's name. Thanks darlings! And remember, your honor -- none of this'll hold up in court.

  • Was driving home from the Hill Tuesday, July 11th after work and was stuck in traffic behind none other than Patrick Kennedy's AA sponsor, Rep. Jim Ramstad (R-MN). Jim was looking quite handsome and tan cruising along Rock Creek Parkway in his BMW convertible (top down, of course) with a preppy, young, male aide in the passenger seat.

  • On 7/8 at around 1:30 p.m. on 13th St NW, saw Ward 1 Councilman Jim Graham southbound in his convertible VW bug, driving while having a conversation on his hands-full (i.e., illegal on DC streets) cell phone. It takes balls to do that in a car with DC Council license plates. The top was even down! Graham was the only member of the Council who voted against the cell phone ban. Does that mean he gets to talk on his phone whenever he wants?

  • Saw ex-drug czar Bill Bennett at Pentagon City Costco [7/9] with a helluva lot of groceries. I walked passed him, but since he's the size of an offensive lineman I couldn't get a glimpse of the contents of his cart. Later, I saw a small sign (and I mean small) posted at the entrance that indicated he had apparently been there for a book signing. No idea whether he got the groceries free as terms of hosting the book party there.

  • Friday [7/7] afternoon at Capital Grille, I saw Mike Piazza. He was with his wife. He was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and looking very tan. They were eating salads when we left and talking about Monica Lewinsky. He actually sounded marginally intelligent. The wife - not so much.

  • Spotted Michael Hayden watching soccer on the 4th of July at Finn McCool's near Eastern Market.

  • Saw Fox News' Major Garrett at the Nationals game vs. San Diego on 7/7, sitting in the Nats' VIP "Diamond Club" section - wearing a Padres cap! Hope he doesn't meet the fate of Elaine Benes.

  • Was enjoying a nice quiet dinner with some friends at Zengo on Sunday (7/9) when in walks pro-skateboarder Tony Hawk. He was with a very L.A. looking dude who was sporting a fedora-like hat. About 10 minutes later, a very ominous looking, tatted-up, buff guy with a model like woman and their adorable baby come in. They looked around for a bit, but I know they must have been with Hawk because, hello, no one is that cool in DC.

  • Saw Mark McKinnon at Chicago's O'Hare Airport on Monday, July 10 for a midday flight to Reagan National. He flew on United (First Class, of course) and gave everyone the once-over look as they trekked back to Coach. I found it interesting that even though he was wearing a Blue Tooth headset for his cell phone he bothered to use a payphone near the gate at the airport. I tried to eavesdrop on his conversation but couldn't hear anything due to a bunch of tourists yammering on about what museums they were going to hit first when they got to DC.

  • I'm walking home from the Giant pharmacy at Newark & Wisconsin NW, drunk on whiskey and blazed out of my mind (aka "typical 7pm"), when whom should I lock eyes with but Mr. Frank Sesno, enjoying dinner al fresco at Cafe Deluxe. He was w/someone I didn't notice cause I was transfixed by his glasses, which from my vantage point seemed magical - they are black with little silver bits, probably for his sagacious politico-hypnosis.

  • On Tuesday [7/11], former Senate Majority Leader, Tom Daschle, was spotted dining at swanky downtown lunch spot Butterfield-9.

  • Saw Condi Rice , with her security detail, returning to her

    apartment at the Watergate around 6 p.m. this evening (7/11). Neither my partner nor I got a good look at her because we both felt the need to avert our eyes. I'm not sure if we were scared of her or if it was just good manners.

  • Saw Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-Comboverville) leaving La Loma Mexican restaurant on Mass Ave. NE, at about 12:30 on Tuesday [7/11].

  • Saw the good Congressman John Lewis [D-GA] breaking through the sidewalk crowd on Penn Ave SE carrying lots of dry-cleaning in both hands yesterday [7/13].

  • Helen Thomas was standing in the rain [7/12 - 7:15pm] trying to hail a cab on the corner of 19th and K Sts.

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