Spotted this week were some damn fine Americans, with a whole lot of shiny metal at home on their mantels. Mia Hamm has her World Cup trophies, Anderson Cooper has his Emmy, Michael Hayden has all that weird military stuff on his shirt, and Jimmy Carter has that thing they call a Nobel. Not everyone can be number one, though, so just enjoy what you can -- like Donald Rumsfeld and his juicy steaks, or Antonin Scalia and his fancy car. Feed your need for life envy; there are lots more people richer than you. Check out the sightings, after the jump.

Oh, and intern season is here! It sure is great that just as soon as the laminate dries on their cute little "109th Congress Intern" badges, they're off and sending us tips. Act like an intern and send in your own via email, with "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line, and the name of the fancy pants you spotted. We won't pay you anything, just like real interns!

* Brushed past Michael Hayden in the Longworth cafeteria Tuesday [5/30] around noon. He was leaving with a big group, none of which I recognized. Still, not bad for my first day as an intern.

* On Thursday 5/25, I saw former president Jimmy Carter at the Oakland airport in California. He was waiting to get on a Southwest flight to Phoenix (and I thought only Enron's retirees had issues). He looked pretty damn old and shrunken but he was animatedly chatting with some of his aides.

* Saw 2004 presidential silver medalist John Kerry in the second row of the first class section of the Memorial Day 7:50 US Airways flight from Providence to National -- a far cry from Air Force One. Looked well-tanned from a weekend on Nantucket (I overheard him explaining to his seat mate that Teresa (pronounced "Terr-ay-za") stayed behind, presumably with the jet), but was wearing shirt and tie. Nice to see that some people still get dressed up for flights. Although friendly, it is clear that the Senator does not often fly commercial. He did not understand that the briefcase that he stored in the overhead, to which he needed access before and during the flight, could have gone under the (window) seat in front of him. An uneventful sighting until landing, when Kerry turned on his cellphone, dialed a number (presumably his chauffeur), identified himself as "JK," and dictated the terms of his pickup.

* What was Adrian Fenty doing in Washington Circle today [6/1] at 8am? He was just standing there holding a Fenty sign. He looked so pleased when I actually noticed him and smiled as I drove by. His whole staff was there too -- talk about some hotties.

* I spotted Dave Navarro a week or two ago at 14th and Rhode Island. He was sporting a bucket hat, eerily well-groomed facial hair, and skin so pale he could have blended right in with the rest of us gray-faced, grub-like DC office drones. Well, apart from the tattoos and the fact that he's doing Carmen Electra. He headed into the Helix Hotel.

* I saw White House reporter Helen Thomas outside of the White House [6/1] by the Treasury Building . There were a few people around her thanking her for being brave and such and then one woman who kept bowing down and kissing her hands. Helen looked a little embarrassed by the whole thing.

* I am embarrassed to admit that I recognized her (because it means I watch the show), but I saw the Super Sweet Sixteen Hill intern, Jacqueline Barkett, huffing it last Friday morning [5/26] down 23rd St. to the Foggy Bottom metro (meaning she must live in the area). The girl was way over dressed and had too much make up on to be working on the Hill, but I guess it was her "time to shine."

* US women's soccer legend Mia Hamm was in attendance at Sunday's [5/28] Nationals' game against the LA Dodgers. She was sitting on the first row behind the Dodger's dugout watching her hubby, Nomar Garciaparra, lose the game. I was sitting four rows behind her. I must say that although the rest of her was hot, she does not have great feet, which she was displaying on top of the dugout wearing flip flops. The Dodgers received quite the beat down and she left in the sixth inning.

* I saw George Lucas, the guy who wrote Star Wars, at the Sports Club, LA a couple of weeks ago. I don't even think he was working out. And he's not so cute either.

* Donald Rumsfeld is at Smith and Wollensky's right now [5/25 -- 8:30pm] eating something bloody and probably expecting a medal.

* I just [5/26] saw G. Gordon Liddy in all his liver-spotted glory, looking very confused in the BWI bathroom.

* I went to a high school graduation Friday (5/26) in Grenada, Mississippi, where the keynote speaker was Sen. Trent Lott (R-MS). I must say, as a hard core bleeding heart liberal, that I have to admit that he gave a great speech, very honest and self-deprecating. However, before he came on the master of ceremonies announced the dignitaries in attendance that night, and it was announced that Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) was also there - her nephew was graduating and she was handing him his diploma. The highlight of the evening and the speech was listening to Lott ad-lib some kind words at the start of his speech directed towards her. I would have paid good cash money to be a mosquito buzzing over the VIP section to hear what conversation (if any) went on between those two. If the Grenada County Tax Assessor or President of the Grenada County School Board reads Wonkette, maybe they can clue us in on the conversation between those two.

* At approximately 12:45pm [5/26], as Rayburn remained on lockdown, a pony-tailed woman wearing a cap, sunglasses and iPod earbuds was spotted crossing D St in front of Tortilla Coast. It appeared to be Wonkette Emerita Ana Marie Cox, but as she was in disguise and walking in the opposite direction of a potential crime scene, that couldn't be verified.

* Saw former Democratic house leader Dick Gephardt stepping out of a cab at 9th and G streets SW on Friday afternoon (5/26). That's the block of townhouses called Capitol Square At The Waterfront. Maybe he has a house there?

* Saw Antonin Scalia driving (himself) in a Virginia-tagged blue/silver early 2000/1/2 model BMW 525. Emerging from the Supreme Court garage last Sunday [5/28] around 2:00. At first he seemed in a big hurry, but then he backed off my bumper a little bit. I'm impressed that he was working on a Sunday, but then again could've just been using the gym.

* Anderson Cooper walked right by my friend and I at the intersection of Connecticut, Rhode Island , and M Sts. two weekends ago (Saturday, May 20th). He was carrying a Burberry bag and wearing a grey t-shirt with jeans. He looked surprisingly taller than what we had pictured, but his eyes didn't look quite so blue as they do on TV.

* Margaret Carlson and Matt Cooper were deep in conversation and walking together at 14th and H Sts. around 3:30 this afternoon [6/1].

* Saw Ted Olson, Bush's lawyer in Bush v. Gore and former Solicitor General, at the Borders on 18th and L Sts. around 2:15 p.m. today [5/26]. He was scouting out the new book tables and chose 4, including "General Ashcroft", a book all about Olson's former boss. In line to pay for them, he seemed to be looking at the index, presumably for mentions of him.

* Last Saturday [5/27], I saw Thad Cochran at Schneider's liquor store with his special lady. He was wearing tight jeans that accentuated his, ah, anyway, they were trying to choose between bourbons.

* I saw Senator John Ensign, Republican of Nevada, at Union Station on Friday May 26. He was with his wife.

* I played golf last week with Bob Beckel, liberal commentator on Fox News. I joined a threesome (get your mind out of the gutter) on the back 9 of Falls Road Golf Course, and he turned out to be one of the group. He said he's a 17 handicap, which seemed about right, and can hit a long drive. He's got a pretty bad back (had to ride a cart), so it'd seize up occasionally, making for an ugly golf shot. Afterwards he bought a round of drinks and told some pretty interesting stories that will show up in a memoir he said he's working on.

* [Last but not least] Scooter Libby was just [5/31] at the Au Bon Pain on 12th and E, buying lunch. During his time there, he appears not to have leaked any national security secrets.


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