Wonk'd: But Where in the World Is Matthew Yglesias? (Yes, the Matthew Yglesias)

Sightings of political figures, scions of real estate moguls and other persons of interest are sent in by readers. Send yours to . In this issue: Pat Schroeder, Al Hunt, Mark Shields, Eric Trump, George Stephanopoulos Dick Gephart, and Wes Clark Jr. (sigh).

· Saw Pat Schroeder, looking, well, no worse than she ever has, having breakfast [Tuesday] morning at the Promenade at the Mayflower. Also there, but not with PS, (but she did say "hi" in that insincere way she seems to have) were Al Hunt, looking much as he does on TV, and Mark Shields, who somehow looks more supersized in person.

· 20 year-old Georgetown student, Eric Trump, Donald Trump's youngest son, was at Cities in Adams Morgan on Saturday night. He and a group of young friends were seen dancing the night away and drinking straight from a bottle of Absolut. He was looking rather chic in a tan suede blazer.

·George Stephanopoulos : In addition to the two gyms, I have also spied conducting jog-i-licious meanderings down M street. . .  

. . . I saw him jogging down the sidewalk (Wuss!  Real Men Jog in the Road!), in his spandex shorts and his floppy hair (Which, by the way, is the opposite of my workout attire; floppy shorts produce less crunching of the stuff), during midday working hours, while I am busy smoking my lunch break cigarette.  Someone should get him a real job, or perhaps looser and longer pants.  Looser for the obvious reasons, and longer to protect his legs from the inexplicable flying cigarettes, mysteriously emanating from my direction. I will never think of half-assed political punditifications the same way again

· Last August, I was dropping my wife off at Midway, and Dick Gephardt popped out of the car behind us, an unassuming, mid-size Chrysle/Dodge sedan with the only other occupant being the driver. He was on the same flight as my wife to St. Louis on Southwest. Clearly he's a frugal, no-frills kinda guy.

· i saw wes speak at a rally in san jose last month. afterwards there was a rock star scene. or at least there would have been, if you're average female clark supporter weren't, you know, fifty and TERRIFYING. [well, not a problem any more. . . ]


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