It's a very gay week in Wonk'd. Cher was at the Capitol, Andre Leon Talley was shopping for make-up in Dupont, and Jenna Bush was enjoying some musical theater. Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd gets man-handled at a Hill bar, and Wolf Blitzer is dropping some pounds and dressing sassy. Some bold-facers defy stereotypes though, like Wizards player Donell Taylor, shopping sans entourage, and Mark Shields, driving the way liberal pundits shouldn't. At least you can always count on Wonk'd -- and Katherine Harris's taste in outfits.

Sooner or later everyone comes to Washington. When they do, it's your duty as citizens of this fair city to make sure they get spotted and end up in these pages, er, screens. Whatever; just email us, with "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line, and the name of the sightee. You, the sighter, will remain anonymous -- at least until your big break, when people start sending in sightings of you!

* Just saw Cher (!!!) walking out of the Hall of the States building this morning [6/14], looking shorter than I expected and wearing a turquoise top. She must have been exiting her C-SPAN appearance regarding Operation Helmet. There were a couple of cameras around her and several people stopped to gawk at her - Cher's much more fabulous than most of C-SPAN's talking heads!

* Just [6/9] saw Andre Leon Talley from Vogue at the Dupont Blue Mercury store buying some Kiehl's products. Homegirl is tall, and looks like he may have gained some of that weight back. Seeing a 6'5" black man carrying a fabulous leather Tod's bag and wearing all black set off my Andre Alarm, which was confirmed by one of the Blue Mercs Clerks. Although the poor girl who rang him up had no idea and asked where he was from, to which he responded with a mumble: " New York."

* Saw Ben Bernanke go into the E St. Landmark Theater last Saturday (6/3) while I was waiting outside for some friends. It was opening weekend for Al Gore's new movie, and I assume he was going to the 2:15 show. He was dressed down and accompanied by a woman (his wife?) and two male assistants/handlers. Needless to say, they all went straight downstairs without standing in line for tickets.

* Yesterday (June 14th) I saw John Kerry at the Las Vegas airport getting off a plane. He was dressed nicely in a suit, seemed to be alone, and was walking briskly. A few in the crowd said audibly, "hey that really is him" and "hey I voted for you!" Someone should tell Kerry that the Kos convention was last week.

* [Same tipster as prior item] This morning, (June 15th) around 8:30 am, I saw Ari Fleischer on G Street, SE driving past the Marine Barracks, in a white Saab convertible. He seemed chill.

* I was in the House gallery last night [6/8] for Delay's resignation speech, and who did I see when I looked down, but Katherine Harris in the crowd. I had to stifle a laugh, as her wardrobe continues to resemble bad chair upholstery.

* Last night [6/8] I saw Sen. Chris Dodd at Tune-Inn on Penn. Ave. I guess it's possible to say that he read that Esquire article and had to see for himself what all of the hype was about. I'm pretty sure he said something to the effect of, "I'm Senator Chris Dodd." To which some sauced up softball player grabbed his lapel and said, "Hey man! I knew you looked familiar!" He looked uncomfortable and left.

* I was driving up Connecticut Ave through Chevy Chase [6/12], I'm in right lane, and some asshole is waiting on one of the side streets to pull out, except the front end of his car is sticking right out into the lane. I merge halfway over into the center lane to avoid the guy, and honk the horn at him, thinking "damn rich people think they own the road." Then, as I'm passing, I recognize the guy as Mark Shields, our favorite liberal pundit of NewsHour fame. I respect his viewpoints, but boy needs to learn how to drive.

* At Lucky Strike bowling alley in Chinatown [6/13], my friends and I found ourselves bowling next to a svelte Wolf Blitzer, wearing a "Pussycat Casino" bowling shirt.

* I saw Washington Wizards guard Donell Taylor at the Harris Teeter in Pentagon Row on Tuesday, June 13. He looked a little funny bending over to push his little green shopping cart. He was mumbling into his black razor phone and wearing a t-shirt that had a gold crown on it followed by, "of D.C."

* I was on a date at the Kennedy Center last night [6/13] to see Mame (with Christine Baranski) and happened to look up at the White House box on my way out to see if I knew anyone attending the show. Lo and behold there was Jenna Bush. When I pointed her out to my date, she mentioned that she overheard some people talking about "someone famous" during intermission because of the extra security on hand. Who knew Jenna had a thing for the performing arts? We didn't see anyone else in particular with her, but the WH box was full.

* Tonight [6/12] I spotted former Clinton advisor Sidney Blumenthal, strolling along an elegant stretch of O Street with his wife. They seemed to be quite happy -- notwithstanding whatever Drudge has said about Blumenthal.

* Saw Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA) from PA's 15th Congressional District (my old home district!) headed [6/13] into Tortilla Coast south of the Capitol.

* Saw Mark Warner yesterday [6/8] with his young daughter walking down King Street in Old Town. Dressed very casually, and said "Hi" to someone that recognized him walking by.

* I can confirm another sighting of Dikembe Mutombo. He was in town for [at least] his class reunion. Last weekend [6/3-4] was Georgetown's class reunion weekend, and one of the classes celebrating official events was the class of 1991. I spotted Dikembe on campus for his '91 reunion party. He was the biggest celebrity in the room [literally and figuratively]. Everyone wanted a photo with him. And to his grand credit, he graciously posed with everyone who asked. He seemed to be having a fun time. Also, and I found this interesting, he had no posse whatsoever. Apparently, Dikembe don't roll like that.

* Saw Linnyette Richardson-Hall of "Whose Wedding is It Anyway" on the Style Network in Old Town Alexandria [6/14]. Yes, I actually watch that bridezilla show. She totally grossed me out by eating sun flower seeds and just spitting them out of her mouth onto the ground as she walked along King Street as if the sidewalk was her own personal trash can. Even the bums I see in Old Town use a trash can.

* Saw George Stephanopoulos with his kids talking to someone outside of a house in Georgetown [6/10]. He was wearing track pants and a t-shirt. His kids were making a scene and when I made eye-contact with him he looked embarrassed.


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