Delay.jpgNew York, LA, New York, LA -- no one gives a shit about DC until their tangentially-related-to-public-service movie has to premiere, then all of a sudden Cleveland Park is where it's at. At least a solid Demi Moore sighting came out of the screening of The Guardian last week, but she's not even in it. And while Demi is gone already, some people just never leave, as evidenced by the above photo of (the back of) Tom DeLay duck-walking down H St. Others that were Wonk'd this week: Marion Barry needs his ride pimped, Harriet Miers shops for pimp threads, and the prince of darkness is overheard on his cell phone asking, "Is Bob Novak gonna have to choke a bitch?" All these and your third favorite Ghostbuster, after the jump.

If you have a celebrity sighting, who you gonna call? Wonk'd! Though by call, we mean email us with "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line and name of the ghostly visage you saw. Thanks!

  • Last night [9/7] around 7:30 Demi Moore , and what looked like an assistant, came into the Starbucks next door to the Uptown movie theater. She is much tinier in person than she appears on screen. Initially she came in escorted only by a theater usher; however, a few minutes later 3 of DC's finest came in to provide protection (read: ask for autographs). For those of us just in there for coffee it was definitely a surprise. She was very polite and even signed a coffee cup for one employee and wrote a little note and signed a piece of register paper for another (who actually had no clue who she was). She chatted a little with the employees as they finished making her order (mocha something), smiled and rushed back next door for the premiere of The Guardian.

  • I just [9/8] saw Marion Barry going into the jewelry store on 14th Street between NY Ave and G St. He had a big, green Fenty campaign sticker on that matched the 1996 Green Honda Accord with tinted windows that he got out of. I didn't see any crack pipes, which may explain why there was no smile on his face.

  • On Saturday afternoon, 9/9, I saw Harriet Miers in the "Narrative" Department at Nordstrom's Pentagon City. She was looking at suits in black and "Reagan red." I recognized her and nodded at her, and she smiled back pleasantly (in her Stepfordian way). She also rightly determined that red is not her color, and moved on. I spent the rest of the afternoon lamenting the now obvious loss of my rock-and-roll lifestyle and feeling tortured that I was shopping in the same department as Harriet Miers.

  • On Tuesday 9/12 at about 12:15 pm I saw "Plamegate" provocateur Robert Novak, standing in front of the entrance to Charlie Palmer's, clad in a light gray suit, talking quietly into a cell phone. More of a gut than expected, and disappointingly graying eyebrows for a Prince of Darkness. He displayed no acknowledgment of my exhortation to, "go get 'em, tiger!"

  • Just [9/14] saw Ted "series of tubes" Stevens at Union Station. He looked lost and he was with a big ornery lookin' bodyguard.

  • I saw Tom DeLay heading down H Street after crossing H at 14th on Tuesday the 12th. I wasn't quick enough on the draw, but the guy in the dark suit in the center of the photo is him.

  • Ernie Hudson (Winston, from Ghostbusters) was seen [9/8] getting out of his SUV and heading into a hotel on P street between 22 and 23 (I think). It's the hotel that's across the street from the Metro Grocery.

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