It's hot as hell on the East Coast, and Brit Hume is hiking around Georgetown and sweating through his super 130's suits. But Joe Lockhart and Ken Mehlman don't play that game, they're all about Air Conditioning and mint juleps. Jessica Cutler, on the other hand, stays cool in a nice pair of booty shorts.

This week's Wonk'd is slimmed down for swimsuit season, but we like our sightings column long and strong. Help us fatten up by sending all your sightings to Please put "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line along with the name of the spotted celeb. We know that no matter how huge and dark your sunglasses are your can still see, so no excuses - thanks!

  • Saw Brit Hume laboriously walking up 31st St. in Georgetown on Tuesday morning [7/25] about 10:30. He was wearing a grey suit with pale blue shirt and an attractive, if bright, pink tie. He had a bit of a scowl on his really craggy looking face.

  • George Stephanopoulos was lunching with Joe Lockhart at Panache, yesterday [7/13]. Most overheard phrase of the afternoon "Well, when I was Clinton 's press secretary..."

  • I saw Ken Mehlman waltz into Georgia Browns on Thursday [7/13] around 7:34 pm (according to my text message log) He was apparently with "ugly GOP girls and another suspect guy." They didn't even have to wait for a table. He looked a lot worse than the last time I saw him (about a year ago at the Dubliner) but I guess all that fakin' and frontin' takes its toll. Or maybe he was out late the night before dancing with interns in Georgetown, who knows?

  • I just [7/14] saw Jessica Cutler on Avenue B in NYC. She was wearing shorts with high heels.

  • My significant other and I were waiting for the car yesterday [7/26] after work at his parking garage when he said, "Hey, it's Dana Priest," and gestures toward the Ford sedan a few feet away into which Ms. Pulitzer Prize was stepping. We're both big fans of her reporting, and as the WaPo is a block or two from both of our buildings, spotting her on our way to and from work has become something of an unofficial pastime.

  • Last night [7/27] went to the Ritz on 22nd and M with friends to grab "just one more," and we see Wynonna Judd and an entourage (including local Mark Ein) walk by. They stopped in the lobby to chat, et al so we poked our heads around the corner and Wynonna came over and gave us big hugs. Then, she said, well, my little sister over there isn't as friendly as I am, but I imagine you want to say hello...we turn to see... Ashley Judd! Not half as friendly, but I guess she is kind of fresh from "rehab" so she doesn't have to be friendly until 2007, right? Or ever.

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