Yesterday we shared with you several sightings of the Bush twins, in the provocatively titled "Wonk'd: Barbara Bush's Full-Frontal Body Rub."

Today we bring you sightings of, well, everyone else. You can check them out -- including a sweaty Chuck Schumer (don't say we didn't warn you!) -- after the jump.

Please continue to send us your sightings, by email, with either "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line. Thanks!

* Saw Howard Dean (with posse) this morning [3/2] on my way into Rayburn. (The Rayburn Deli is heaven on Earth.)

* I could swear I saw John Bolton on 19th between K and L this morning [3/1]. I don't know what he'd be doing in DC, but seeing as how he clearly has little interest in the UN, one never knows. I rushed into this office to check a picture and make sure I saw the same devilish grin and bushy eyebrows, and to all appearances, I did. Khaki trench-coat and dark brown briefcase. Also, just so you know, the second picture on a google image search for John Bolton is from Wonkette. The first is of a naked woman. Go figure.

* stopped off at the banana cafe [2/28]. mardi gras, cher! jeff gannon was there at the bar. looking a bit dazed, i thought. not looking so faun-like anymore either.

* Cranky pants Bob Novak having his 75th birthday celebration in the lower dining room at Olives on 2/28

* Saw George Tenet yesterday (2/25) flying through the Georgetown University ICC. Not many heads turned, as apparently he does something silly like teaching there, but the very peppy, very preppy School of Foreign Service student I was talking to swiveled me around to look at him. Dark suit, red tie, utterly generic. His hair was kind of scary, as was his pace (how old is the man? does he work out?). Greeted a bunch of people in the deepest recesses of some office with surreal enthusiasm. The people trying to get me to apply to Georgetown seemed to believe that the sighting would inspire me to fanaticism for the school (there were hushed tones). Uhm, no. (Not sure it all counts as a sighting, anyway, as he was sort of where he was supposed to be.)

* Last night (2/24) on the USAir Shuttle from LaGuardia saw actor-turned-ex-Sen. Fred Thompson... sitting in first and avoiding the plebians by getting on the plane just before take-off... wearing a hat and a red jacket that could have been Members-Only? And as soon as I got off the flight I spotted a very dramatic and severe looking John McLaughlin wearing Gore like earth tones... he had on a bling watch and was standing there waiting for us get off the flight. He looked slightly pissed off.

* Saw Justice Clarence Thomas with his wife and another man having dinner at B. Smith's in Union Station. I knew he was short, but I hadn't realized how far short of adult size the Justice is!

* Rep. Jim Kolbe hosted a big gaggle of staffers for dinner at the Banana Cafe. Those fellahs (not a girl in site) sure are a snuggly bunch. (Nobody get huffy--I'm that way, too.)

* Every morning I go down to the Longworth Cafeteria to get that much-needed caffeine jolt, I always see Senator Schumer in a sweaty get-up, which consists of soggy shorts and a sweat-drenched t-shirt with a towel around his neck. He usually reads the newspaper with his glasses at half-mast, and the sweatiness just oozes off him, apparently one of those politicians I see jogging on the Hill like Rep. Shadegg.

* Saw the illustrious Ralph Nader walking on the corner of 17th and T, a block from my house, last night (2/23) around 11 pm. He had one of those "beanie" knit hats on, pulled down almost over his eyes, and a big trench coat. Looked kind of like a homeless guy. It was just him and me on the street, so thankfully he didn't mug me. He looked away, grimacing, to avoid being recognized.

* Mr. Wonkette [Chris Lehmann], in Glover Park, with guitar and amp. So... does that mean the revolt of the masscult will be going down at the Grog?

* On Monday [2/27] I saw Kim Eisler in front of the building that houses the Washingtonian on L. He was going in. I don't know if he even counts as famous for DC. It should be noted that I hear from friends at Washingtonian that this Eisler character is brilliant and hilarious. And ostensibly not pro-thieving. Unless, of course, his friends are doing it?

Oh, and here's a celeb sighting without a celeb:

* Today about 12:30 PM I saw what looked to be a Secret Service detail outside the Banana Caf


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