Wonk'd: Free Money From the Government Edition

Sightings of obscure infomercial stars, West Wing cast members, and other famous-for-D.C. types are sent in by readers. Send yours to . In this issue: Matthew Lesko (the Matthew Lesko!), Omarosa, Rocca (x2), Dole, Malina, Schiff, McCormack, Cooper, Russert, Woodruff, Will and Nader.

I saw Matthew Lesko (he of "GET FREE MONEY FROM THE GOVERNMENT!!!!!! fame) walking up 19th St a few weeks ago. [Best. Sighting. Ever.] I'd have never noticed or recognized him had he not been wearing a bright yellow jacket, lime green pants and pink shoes. Fortunately for me (but unfortunately for the people accompanying him) he was. I totally forgot about it until I saw him on television the other day. Maybe he was here filming a new commercial. Or maybe I didn't see him at all. It might have been Andy Dick.

saw Omarosa at Union Station [5/10] being filmed by a camera crew (complete with boom microphone) and posing with young tourist-fans. she was wearing sunglasses and a white newsboy hat.

Saw Today Show pundit/former Daily Show correspondent Mo Rocca walking up 13th near U Street on Friday night [5/14]. Can't remember the full ensemble--you're not the only one who knows the pleasure of a strong drink--but he was definitely rocking some white patent loafers circa National Lampoon's Vacation. Randy Quaid would have been proud.

Saw VH-1 staple, Mo Rocca, dining al fresco with a large group at The Islander at 12th & U on Friday [5/14]. I assume he had just finished taping "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" at the Lincoln Theater. The girl sitting next to him did not appreciate me noticing them. Also saw Warren Brown, proprietor and chef of CakeLove/The Love Cafe, at Polly's on U St on Friday [5/14]. He was kicking back with some lovely ladies who appeared to be old friends of his. (I don't know if this counts as a "celebrity", per se, but to me he's all that and more--have you tasted the ginger crunchy foot?). [Works for us.]

saw bob dole today [5/15]; he was leaving the brooks brothers on Connecticut and M/Rhode Island around 11:30a. got into a car with kansas handicapped plates. walked to the car with a b.b. employee but didn't seem to have any bags with him. maybe the fellow driving waiting in the driver's seat had brought them out earlier? bob and driver headed west on M but we lost him when we turned down 23rd. i thought his skin looked a little ashen; my friend said that it looked like make-up. (yeah, maybe to prep him for a funeral.)

At Kennedy Center’s Streetcar Named Desire [starring Patricia Clarkson who was awesome] Saturday night [5/15], West Wingers Josh Malina, Richard Schiff, and Mary McCormack were in the audience, looking as out of place as celebrities usually do in DC. 

This isn't as good as an Owen Wilson sighting, but on Saturday night [5/15] I was at the Chi Cha Lounge on U St. and in walked a much-better-looking-in-real-life Bradley Cooper. Sure, he's just a television actor from ABC's "Alias", but he still had a mini-entourage with him and was quickly swept into a back room away from us sweaty common folk. Vince Vaughn was supposed to show up, but with Bradley Cooper out of sight, we moved on before Mr. Vaughn arrived on the scene, if he ever did.

Saw Tim Russert last night [5/16] on Macomb St. across from Cactus Cantina and 2 Amy's. He was with a nice-looking dark-haired shorter lady (his wife?). Looked kinda schlumpy, but I guess shameless book tours wear you out...

judy woodruff looking dazed and very thin (not to mention tiny) outside the cvs on dupont circle yesterday [5/18], asking for directions to the bank next door. or someplace next door. because the bemused looking gal who spoke to her said, "umm, it's next door."

George F. Will and Ralph Nader (who's meeting Kerry later today [5/19] having lunch together at the Jefferson Hotel.


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