The typical Wonk'd sighting is comprised of two parts. First, the initial spotting - that moment of, "holy shit, it's XXXX XXXX." The second part is where it gets interesting: moving in for the kill. Getting a little closer to confirm it is who you think it is, or to get a greeting -- but it's impossible to know how the spottee will react. An equal "hi" for "hi" return is rare, a slight nod seems to be the standard, and the pursed-lip-upward-chin-thrust is if you're lucky. In today's Wonk'd see how Howard Dean, William Cohen, and Katherine Heigl respond to being caught. Also, Ken Mehlman's workout habits, Greta Van Susteren's travel habits, and the meanest dry cleaner in Chicago, after the jump.

The third part of any sighting is, of course, sending it to us with "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line and the name of the person you happened upon. Just telling your friends isn't good enough, we need to know too. Just trust us on that one.

  • On Saturday afternoon [9/16] I saw former Defense Secretary William Cohen at the Borders in Friendship Heights. He was dressed like he just came from a wedding in white shirt with white satin tie. Looks like he's stopped dying his hair, as it was all white too. I sheepishly got a little "hi" after giving him a knowing grin.

  • This morning [9/19], I was walking up Second Street, SE towards Pennsylvania Avenue and exchanged "Good Mornings" with Howard Dean. He was coming from the Ave, probably after having breakfast.

  • Yesterday afternoon, (9/16) I saw Katherine Heigl of Grey's Anatomy sitting at a table in the window of La Tomate on Connecticut Avenue. She was wearing sunglasses and a hat, and talking on her cell phone. I turned around and passed by again to confirm that it was her, and she seemed really annoyed as she turned her face away from the window.

  • Friday 9/15, 5:20 PM: Saw Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard walking north (alone) on 17th St. at Farragut Square, talking on a cell phone. He had his press badge on, I assumed he was leaving the WH press conference that had taken place that afternoon.

  • Saw a very tiny and dowdy Greta Van Susteren , getting off a plane in terminal A at Reagan National Airport Saturday afternoon (9/16). She was walking briskly, alone.

  • I spied Ken Mehlman at Results The Gym-Capitol Hill last Sunday mid-day. The thing is, he was on the elliptical machine forever and created a puddle of sweat -- not only leading us to surmise that he has something of an exercise disorder (his lower legs are the size of my scrawny upper arms), but he neglected to wipe down his machine for the next user, rude and crude! Couldn't make out much of what he was reading the whole time, but one was a TNR article (making Marty Peretz proud!).

  • Former Detroit mayor and Friend of Bill Clinton Dennis Archer was on my plane to Detroit at 4:00 PM on Saturday [9/16]. Not alone! He had a big, beefy teamster-looking guy with him.

  • Yesterday [9/18], on the 12:05 flight from O'Hare to National, I saw Sherman Helmsley of "The Jeffersons" and "Surreal Life" fame in first class. Didn't get a chance to find out why he was visiting the District.

  • Washington Post editor Rajiv Chandrasekaran was at Open City in Woodley Park on 9/17 with what looked to be his brother. He ate the crappy food like everyone else. Didn't have Saturday's glowing WP review of his book taped to his shirt as I would have been tempted to do.

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