Wonk'd: Hillary Clinton and Jeff Gannon?

This week's Wonk'd round-up will be appearing shortly. But we'd like to single out, for special mention, this highly bizarre sighting from yesterday:

I saw Hillary Clinton and Jeff Gannon having a conversation outside the Russell Senate Building today [5/24] around 3:30. WTF? Last year that clown said she's divorced from reality -- now they're making nice? Am I the only one who saw it? There were plenty of reporters around. You'd think that at least her Secret Service detail would have kept him away from her. Politics sure does make strange bedfellows.

Wow -- weird. As part of our rigorous fact-checking process, we contacted Gannon. He confirmed his interaction with the good Senatrix, but declined to say more about what words were exchanged.

Commenters: Feel free to add, as comments to this post, your guesses as to what transpired between Hillary Clinton and Jeff Gannon yesterday afternoon.


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