Aging rocker Joe Perry is no match for the truly aged Jack Valenti, though they'd both get broken hips if they ever collided with always-in-a-hurry Chris Matthews. These and pathetically little else, after the jump.

We know the main reason you read is for our penetrating insight, which we happily provide. What we can't do ourselves, though, is come up with loads of great sightings for you every week. So this is your charge: go forth and Wonk! Then go back to your apartment and email!. Don't forget to put "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line, and the name of the person you saw. If you don't have any luck at first just take your kid brother to lunch somewhere near the Capitol, and you'll have congressmen swarming you, promise.

  • Saw Joe Perry, the legendary guitarist for Aerosmith, at the Barney's Coop in Georgetown [9/30]. He was with his family and was enjoying his day shopping. He's much shorter than you think, much older than you think and was carrying a cane, although it seemed more for decoration than anything else. He was dressed like a rock star of course, and the staff addressed him as "Mr. Perry." I resisted the urge to pull a Mary Katherine Gallagher and ask him to do Sweet Emotion.

  • I saw William Kennedy Smith waiting for a taxi at Reagan National, at 11:30 pm on Friday (9/29) night. I must be wrong, though, for surely the rich and infamous - even if they're alleged rapists - don't need to stand in line for a taxi like the rest of us? Maybe it was his doppelganger. Black leather jacket over a red shirt over a belly. One of his pieces of luggage was a guitar case, has he switched careers to lounge singing, or revived his old college band?

  • At Chef Geoff's on New Mexico Ave. October 4th around 9PM as I was sitting on the patio getting glared at by a woman with bad roots because I was smoking (outside!) I saw Jack Valenti looking older than I had seen him in awhile but very spiffy, all the same. He was seated on the Balducci's fringe of the patio. Not long after, David Gregory and his wife, Beth Wilkinson were seated right next to me. They left on foot holding hands. Sweet.

  • Last night (Wednesday, 10/4), I spotted Chris Matthews rushing out of the Georgetown movie theater at about 10pm by himself. He quickly darted into an enormous black Escalade driven by a small brown guy waiting in front of the theater. On the brief trip between the lobby and the vehicle, he looked very uncomfortable to be among the masses.

  • Saw a very confused looking Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) at the Borders in Pentagon City. He emerged from the bathroom looking disheveled and then he proceeded to browse the stacks. I don't know he was looking for but it was probably books on the Clintons.

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