kittyarrow.jpgIt's a new year in Wonk'd but all the famous-for-dc cats have already broken their resolutions. Laura Bush only made it 3 days before she was back on the sauce, Robert Novak may have been at the happiest place on Earth, but he was still an asshole, and of course there's Katherine Harris, as you can see, taking to the streets of Florida during the warmest winter ever, in an ankle length fur coat. You get these dandies plus a Member of Congress who loves to stare at members of men, after you unzip.

Make 2007 the best year of Wonk'd ever by sending us email (with "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line) after every awkward "how do your rate my cock 'n balls" run in with someone who got sent here to make laws. And don't worry, they all know about shrinkage.

* I saw Katherine Harris in full fur coat with a young stud escort outside the Florida Governors Mansion during today's [1/2] inaugural activities for Charlie Crist . She was the only person I saw in fur today. Wish I could have gotten a better picture. Maybe it's appropriate that she is framed by a milk truck and a setup for the Kennedy Space Center. Probably still trying to get a job from Charlie.

* Saw [1/3] Laura Bush, Condi Rice, Harriet Myers, Karen Hughes, Mary Matalin , and half a dozen other ladies at Cactus Cantina. I wasn't close enough to hear the conversation, but I did see that the First Lady was enjoying a frozen margarita.

* Saw Chuck Hagel and his wife [12/29] walking their dog at Great Falls Park (Virginia side). Man needs wrinkle cream and a smile! Also is on the short side.

* I was behind Robert Novak at the check-in line at the Nickelodeon Hotel in Orlando earlier today [12/29] where he is vacationing with his family. There were a bunch of little kids. He was addressing the front desk clerk with derision and contempt for misplacing a fax that someone sent him at the hotel. The rest of his family seemed like normal folks taking a vacation.

* I was eating lunch at the Subway at 17th & P today [1/4] when I saw George Stephanopoulos walk by. He was only slightly taller than my six-inch sandwich.

* I was at Cobalt last night [1/4] celebrating the new Democratic majority -- and watching the ever-exciting Thursday Night Best Package Contest. Congresswoman Linda Sanchez was one of two judges. She performed her duties enthusiastically, and chose the contestant who (IMHO) definitely had the best package.

* Saw Congresswoman Linda Sanchez at Best Package Night at Cobalt last night [1/4]. She was there, front row looking fabulous. She got up on stage and said hi to the whole crowd and we all cheered for the new Democratic Congress. Too bad my friend had his camera confiscated by the drag queen host who erased all the pictures. Also, the guy with the smallest package but best pecs won.


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