Wonk'd: Leftovers From Before Boston Edition

Sightings of politicians, potential First Daughters, leaders of the Republican Revolution and other famous-for-D.C. types are sent in by readers. Send yours to . In this issue: Gibbs, Kristol, Rice, Washingtonienne, those guys from that movie, Vanessa Kerry, Gingrich, Rocca.

Coach Gibbs was spotted in Myrtle Beach, S.C., on July 13 with his grandkids at the Nascar Speedpark go-kart-track-to-rip-off-tourists. We saw him eating at the overpriced snack bar; the heat index that day was 115 degrees. There was a small crowd of adults who recognized him, but they kept their distance and didn't bother him, except for all the staring and pointing.

Saw Bill Kristol standing in line for checkout at an Alexandria Safeway on Saturday afternoon [7/17].  Dressed in casual shirt & shorts, I made eye contact with him for about a second but neither of us spoke.  My wife figures he probably was thinking "Don't recognize me, don't recognize me, don't recognize me..."

I saw Condi Rice [7/17], coming out of the hair salon in the Watergate at about 12:30. She was wearing a mustard-yellow pantsuit and joking with one of the many Secret Service agents that had been hanging around prior to her emergence. Her hair looked fine, but not exceptional, so I assume that she had a couple bad hair days and went to the salon to seek a return to normalcy.

Saw Miss Washingtonienne walking outside of Union station towards the Senate and her old stomping ground [7/19].  Is the money from the book deal not enough? Also spotted Chairman Terry on his way to do an interview at the Hall of States.  He looked very upbeat, as he practically skipped through the street.

About two hours after I saw pundit Stuart Rothenberg (in a suit) on C-Span this morning [7/18], I saw him in shorts and a polo shirt at the Panera Bread in the Fallsgrove shopping center in Rockville.

Last Thursday [7/15] outside 1100 Wilson Boulevard in Rosslyn, VA,  I saw two black chauffeured caddies roll up and several vaguely-familiar people get out, two of which were the Indian and the Korean from the new MTV movie, "Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle." I was made aware by this morning's [7/19]  Express that apparently they go by the names of John Cho and Kal Penn, and were also accompanied an unmemorable female companion of the nyc hipster variety.

  07/22 @ 8:45am: Vanessa Kerry walking down 17th Street just past the OEOB. Looks as though she was out for a run, but was walking. She was wearing a blue t-shirt, running shorts and had her hair in a ponytail. She was not wearing an ounce of make-up and looked great! We made eye contact but neither of us said anything or even smiled. Too bad it wasn't Chris walking towards me. I would have definitely smiled.

Newt Gingrich, corner of E and North Capitol, looking like a cow [7/22].

just saw mo rocca talking on his cellphone on massachusetts avenue [7/23]. i think his talking on the cellphone was sufficient distraction to prevent him from realizing that it took him a good 15 minutes to hail a cab...on massachusetts ave. he was wearing athletic shoes, green shorts and a red polo shirt (looked kind of like an early 90s gap ad). He has surprisingly muscular legs for a skinny, funny guy.


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