Last week, we admitted that we were desperate for sightings. You responded with desperate sightings: Andrew Sullivan, Matt Cooper, Ted Koppel... they're all here, Washington's most recognizable non-famous people. We applaud, we thank, we'll buy the next round. Please keep sending your sightings of D.C. "celebrities" to . All Gang of 500 members eligible. Sightings after the jump.

10/18 - Walking between meetings in Russell, I was passing the usual stream of staffers in gaudy pastel ties and those "I'm not easy - really!" power suits, with the occasional Member in uber-frump mode. It's not hard to imagine why a tall, well-built man in all black - blazer, shirt, tie, pants, cowboy boots - wearing sunglasses (but not carrying a gun) would catch my eye. "Was that Sean Penn, I asked my colleague?" Closer inspection showed that in fact it was.

I did see George Stephanopolous crossing L street at Connecticut a few weeks ago. He was talking on his cell and had his trench coat folded over one arm. Seemed to be looking at me very strangely, probably because I was staring at him and mumbling, "That looks like George Stephanopolous..... only shorter."

Saw barney frank a few weeks back shopping at the Dupont Soviet Safeway on 17th. I came accross him a few times... He looked bitter, though the Colbert Report piece had just aired, so not surprised! He spent much time looking at the unground coffee beans at the end of the aisle near the tuna, couldnt seem to make up his mind. Saw him again two days later at the corner of 17th and Q, a block away from Safeway. Maybe he has moved to the neighborhood? Hard to tell, but have never seen him around the area. Maybe he will drop by Cobalt soon?

Some friends and I walked into Martin's (Wisconsin and N) on Friday 11/11 at about 11 p.m. and noticed Chris and Kathleen Matthews sitting in a booth near the entrance with a couple of other people. We didn't approach them. Chris has a big head and still looked made up for TV.

On November 17th I saw Oprah's one and only, Stedman Graham, sitting outside of gate 23 as I was getting a flight at National Airport. He wasn't hiding - actually was sitting in the row of chairs facing traveling masses and seemed to be engaging in some friendly chatter with a few passersby. I was a little surprised that I recognized him, but he did have the unmistakable air of someone who was someone.

Friday night [Nov. 18] Matt Cooper sat next to me (well, the seat across from me) on the Metro (blue/orange line) I think he got on at Foggy Bottom or something - I was engrossed in my David Sedaris book and glanced up when this mass of a human entered the car - naturally I immediately went back to reading (not finding him particularly attractive nor putting his mug into context). About a nanosecond later my mind registered who it was and I gave the old Coop a double take - part of me was a little scared that he thought I might be interested or something because we made serious eye contact. Needless to say, I'm still reluctant to scan missed the connections on Craigslist. He looked even more miserable then the rest of sad dejected commuters - almost like he just got booed off the platform or something

I saw former Inside Politics host Judy Woodruff getting off the 4pm shuttle from La Guardia on Friday [Nov. 18]. She was looking very skinny but nice. She waited briefly in the terminal as two male co-workers departed the plane after her and then they all walked toward the exit Judith Miller-style (arm in arm).

this is about the most unsurprising sighting possible but, I saw Andrew Sullivan leaving the U Street Results Gym at about 7pm [Nov. 22]. Looked like he had just finished his "workout."

1) Gwen Ifil picking up her morning coffee and scone at the Breadline on Pennsylvania Avenue. 2) None other than Ted Koppel, sitting literally within six inches of me at the sushi bar at Makato on MacArthur Blvd. When we entered and sat down, I assumed we were sitting next to any other middle-aged couple. Only when my neighbor's cell phone rang several times (in a restaurant plastered with "No Cell Phone!" signs) and I got annoyed, did my boyfriend point out that I was sitting next to the one and only Ted Koppel. He and his wife had the tasting menu, and I saw him whip out the AmEx Platinum to pay for the meal.

I was walking out of the Banana Republic in Georgetown earlier this afternoon (Fri 11/25) and as I'm walking in the crosswalk, I hear a fairly accented voice. I turn to my left, and did a double take as I saw the Gubernator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, walking with Maria Shriver. He's not particularly tall, as I was taller than him (I'm 5'11" or so), and he's really, really leathery looking.


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