It's an all talking heads (no Byrne) edition of Wonk'd as Charles Krauthammer tries to roll over the Kennedy Center staff, Wolf Blitzer avoids a situation outside of his comfort room, Lou Dobbs takes a weekend break from painting on his hair, and, as always, George Stephanopoulos. This main course and few small fixin's, after you set the table.

We're always thankful for the sightings you send, but would be more thankful if we'd could fatten up Wonk'd with your stuffed and salted emails. Just put "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line, along with the name of the jive turkey you saw strutting around town. No pardons here! Check Fridays for the full spread.

* Saw Charles Krauthammer as I was walking into a performance of "Madame Butterfly" at the Kennedy Center Friday night (11/17). He seemed to be having some sort of argument with the ticket usher, like his tickets weren't ready or something. Almost as if he felt he didn't have to wait in the will call line with the little people.

* Came across Wolf Blitzer about 4pm [11/18] at the intersection of 20th and Penn, where he was turning the corner to go into the Starbucks right there by the Mexican Embassy. He looked sallow compared to his televised likeness, and when my female friend obviously recognized him, he cut the corner a little sharper than was necessary, presumably in order to avoid further demi-celebrity sighting awkwardness.

* Just [11/21] spotted the ubiquitous George Stephanopoulos marching down M Street toward the Barnes & Noble at the corner of Thomas Jefferson Street. He looked good, scruffy & casual, but also a little frowny.

* At the Harvard-Yale game this past weekend [11/18] I was walking down the street when a friend insisted we had just walked past Lou Dobbs. Apparently his daughter attends Harvard. The friend said she had seen Dobbs around campus before and that it was most certainly him. Thing is, though, when I turned around to get a look, the man in question was completely bald on top with brown hair on the sides. What kind of scam is Lou Dobbs running? Also, Phil Angelides was there.


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