It's a good week to be a teenage girl in DC. Sex In The City's Chris Noth was hanging out downtown, and Jordan CatalanoJared Leto was, like, totally in Dupont, or something.

Stevie Wonder was also seen, but he didn't see you, and neither did his security guard. These and more of the hoi-polloi that we lovingly call "famous for DC," after the jump.

See a heartthrob? OMG! Shreek all you want, then go find a computer and email us the sighting. Please put "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line along with the name of your dreamy lover. We <3 you!

  • Stevie Wonder was at Etete on 9th St. last night [7/5] having dinner with a couple of people while his driver dozed in a big black SUV out front.

  • Saw Chris Noth eating a late breakfast at Old Ebbitt [7/1]. Little scruffy, looked a little hung over. Lingered long enough looking at him to confirm it really was him to get the "yes it's me leave me alone" look. With an appropriate hottie across the booth.

  • Just [7/1] saw Mr. Big, Chris Noth , and his girlfriend walking on 11th and F street. He was sporting a major beard and they looked lost.

  • Spotted Nicollette Sheridan in Georgetown [7/5]. She was trying on Converses at Barney's Co-op. Had on no bra and Bolton was not in sight. She looked very svelte (I shudder to think of Eva Longoria in person), sweet, and slightly British.

  • If CNN Pentagon correspondent Jamie McIntyre is still married (and my girlfriend observed he was wearing a wedding ring), his

    wife should know that he and two friends spent tonight [6/30] at Capitol Lounge

    drinking with what appeared to be three young female coworkers. After

    flirting with one for most of the night (and fondling her "assets" following the last round of drinks), Mr. McIntyre and his young friend left together.

  • At this morning's 4th of July parade in the Palisades neighborhood (northwest of Georgetown ), local resident Ambassador Joe Wilson was out feeling festive and driving a float. He was at the wheel of his green Jaguar convertible (made famous in that family portrait for Vanity Fair), part of a two car entry from his church. The Jag was festooned with the assortment of kids, flags and bunting you'd expect on the 4th. Ms. Plame was no where to be found, but then again, she is a super spy and a master of disguise.

  • Saw Jared Leto with his grubby-looking band-mates at the Cosi on the north side of Dupont Circle yesterday [7/2]. Guy was wearing silver garden clogs (those ugly rubber things with the holes in them) and black tapered jeans. Totally killed his prettiness. Then the crazy question mark suit guy, Matthew Lesko, walked by and people started to approach him but not Leto. Very weird.

  • I saw Matthew Lesko in his legendary suit with the questions marks on Friday evening [6/30] on a moped in Dupont circle.

  • [same tipster as prior item] Saturday evening [7/1], at a party in Glover Park, I saw the infamous Colin Finnerty of Duke Lacrosse. There were other Duke "laxers" there but he was the only convicted one.

  • I saw Evan Marriott , aka "Joe Millionaire" at Clyde's in Chinatown on Monday, July 3. He wore two giant rings on each hand, which I found odd, as he is supposed to be a construction worker. For some reason, he made a reference to his "member" at one point, miming that it was, "this big." Seemed to be a classy individual - and by that I mean not classy at all.

  • I saw Jim Graham at "Go Mama Go!" on 14th Street [7/2]. He was at the register asking Noi Chudnoff [owner] to support his re-election. She gave him a hard time for the stadium deal going through.

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