There is no coat in the land to protect you from the douche chills that will travel down your spine upon reading Anthony Weiner waxing eloquent about himself to his famous-for-DC-fucking dinner companion. Wary of being caught in a similar scene, Harold Ford Jr. takes his game to the more fertile dating fields of California. Others living up to their reputations this week: Dennis Hastert bangs down some bangers and mash, Joe Lieberman man-dates through Georgetown, and Barack Obama's teeth throw off the white balance on cameras all over town. All these plus the last two people you'd ever want to see in an emergency, after you cross the police line.

Travis and Raineesha want you to send us all your sightings. And don't forget to put "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line, or they'll have to tazer you.

* Saw the cast of Reno 911! In the break room in my office at 1825 K. Actually it was only Niecy Nash and Ben Garant, from what I saw. They were in full uniform (Junior even had a flak jacket on).

* Saw Rahm Emanuel leaving Ceiba at about 8 last night [1/18]. He was opening his cell phone, which was of the slim, glowy variety. Dapper dresser, on the short side, and seemed to be alone. As he left, the host said loudly, "Good night, Congressman."

* Saw Joe Lieberman at the Lowes theater on Water Street in Georgetown Saturday the 19th, with some man friend.

* At a gelato shop on Robertson in Beverly Hills at around 9:00pm on Saturday, January 20th, I spotted Harold Ford Jr. with a leggy blond, obviously in line for a treat.

* I saw former Virginia governor Mark Warner at the Clyde's in Chinatown on Saturday January 20th around 3pm. He waked by our table with two men and a lady. I have no clue who they were. He was really tall and looked like he had some acne scars. Maybe the light just hit him wrong.

* I saw Dennis Hastert chowing down in a corner table at Irish Times at lunchtime on Tuesday [1/23]. He was sitting with a guy in super thick glasses who took notes and talked a lot about Chris Matthews. Didn't notice what Denny was eating, would guess it was the whole right side of the menu.

* Saw Barack Obama and Tommy Davidson at the Mayflower Hotel this morning [1/25] during breakfast - no they weren't together. Obama came into the restaurant for a photo op and was then ushered into some back room. Davidson was strolling the foyer - probably getting ready for a comedy show at the Improv across the street.

* I saw Rep. Anthony Weiner at The Diner in Adam's Morgan tonight [1/23]. He came in with a very attractive lady companion, who said she was a Hillary staffer, and sat in the table next to me. Of course, I couldn't help but listen to the conversation: he complained about how tedious all the SOTUs are, told some story about how his sense of humor often gets him in trouble "seven times a year," and how he somehow annoyed Rep. Dingell, the chair of his committee.


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