Just because you're famous, or famous-for-D.C., doesn't mean you don't need to buy stuff.

Actually, we take that back; it kinda does! Usually celebrities can have their household help or personal assistants do their shopping for them. But sometimes they buy their own stuff -- and when they do, Wonk'd sightings are the hilarious result!

After the jump (click here), live vicariously through your fellow Wonkette readers, as they hit the supermarket with Bill Cosby, shop for electronics with Donna Brazile -- and give Dick Cheney the finger.

(And please continue to email us with your sightings, with "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line. Thanks!)

* Shopping at the Giant grocery store on Arlington Rd. in Bethesda yesterday afternoon [3/6] I spotted Bill Cosby, browsing the aisles all by himself. I tried to get close enough to see if he had pudding pops in his basket, but by the time I made my move, he had a minor mob of gawkers starting to form up around him. He seemed very gracious, but he quickly snagged the last box of Airborne and made for the checkout. I'd be more excited about all this, but I wanted that box of Airborn and I don't think my wife believes me... she assumes I just forgot to get it.

* Ran into Martin Sheen on our way into Sports Club LA at the West End Ritz this afternoon [3/6]. He smiled and said hello upon seeing our stunned expressions, in true Jed Bartlet style.

* Killing time at Clyde's in Chinatown Sunday [3/5] afternoon and saw man-about-town Jeff Gannon. Where isn't that guy these days? And when isn't he wearing a jacket and tie? Seriously, does he flip burgers at his backyard grill in church duds?

* Saw Donna Brazile at the Potomac Yard Best Buy [3/5], buying a turntable and the Dave Chappelle show.

* Newt Gingrich (loudly) supping with seven handsome women, including his wife, at Inn at Little Washington on Friday night [3/3]. They seemed to be having a grand ol' time, or at least wanted people to think they were. His new best friend Hillary was not included in this harem.

* Saw Rep. David Dreier of California breezing through the main hallway today grinning for a camp of reporters talking to a few other senators. No one seemed to notice him.

* I was biking home from work yesterday [3/2] along Mass Ave when Dick Cheney's motorcade passed me just as it made the turn into the Naval Observatory. It was about 5:15, meaning that he must have taken advantage of his boss' (ha!) trip to India to knock off work early. Dick was all by his lonesome in the back of his armored Cadillac. He was looking out the window toward me and seemed a little forlorn. So I flipped him the bird. See you at Gitmo!

* On the morning of 2/28, I saw House Judiciary Chairman James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) on a Northwest flight from Detroit to Washington National airport. He was the first to board, sat in the first row of the airplane and was writing a letter on his House stationary when I walked on board. He looks like the high school science teacher you'd hate to have class with. Makes sense, since he's also chairman of the House Science committee. He also helped manage Clinton's impeachment hearings. I thought he looked like an asshole in person.

* While running through the UN building on Friday [2/24] I saw John Bolton, strutting his stuff, up to a bunch of reporters. Moustache was not as frightening in person.

* This is a little old, but... Last Friday (2/24) when Scooter Libby was in court, some friends and I happened by the courthouse and stood with the network cameramen waiting for him to come out. We went around to the side door right when he stepped out, so we jumped in behind the attorneys and tried to look official. I was two inches from the man (he's a bit shorter than I expected). We got to see ourselves that night on both Headline News and MSNBC's "Countdown"... I was in Scooter's posse!

* At a Refugees International fundraiser in NYC on Thursday night [2/23], Matt Dillon was there. Cuter in real life, humble, smart, and very supportive of RI


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