Wonk'd: Special All-West Wing Edition

Wonkette's Field Producer sends us this report on a rare actually-filming-in-D.C. West Wing shoot:

    I was aboard my bike, crossing in to the city on the Memorial bridge when I heard the familiar cry of sirens against the familiar rumble of police motorcycles. An abbreviated motorcade drew near but when the limosine passed it clearly wasn't our trusted commander in chief, it was the scion of the left playing the commander in chief, Marty Sheen. Turns out, the only thing real in the motorcade was the cops...and someone in Hollywood better be paying them time and a half.

    I rode back around the north side of the Lincoln in time to find the motorcade parked while the crew adjusted the lights, fiddled with the camera, or whatever it is people from Hollywood do -- and frankly, when I rode around the West Wing tent city set up by the volleyball courts, it became clear why so many folks in Hollywood love telling us in Washington what to do -- because folks in Hollywood have nothing but time on their hands because all they do is stand around and smoke.

    I walked past the limo and saw the actors there. Martin Sheen was smoking. Not smoking hot, smoking. And far from looking hot. He looked puffy. And agitated. Like he was calculating the time remaining until he could get back to his trailer and crack open whatever bottle was waiting.

    John Spencer, who plays the COS, was there, looking less agitated but bored nontheless. He was talking to an assistant director about shooting some scenes in Annapolis so, parents of the Chesapeake Bay region, you've been warned, Hollywood is en route.

    Stockard Channing, the first lady, was there as well. If TV adds 10 pounds it must take 10 inches off your hair because Ms. Channing was sporting an outrageous Texas style doo which was defying a northerly breeze and gravity.

    Channing talked with a Park Police officer about his dog, who barked at another dog as its owner ran past. A small gaggle of toursists stood around and watched NBC's "First Family." Impressed at the celebrity of it all, down the street from the real White House, I hoped this wasn't the story they would tell their family and friends when the returned.


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