Wonk'd: Still Happy to Take Owen Wilson Sightings Edition

Sightings of Owen Wilson, adorable ex-guvs, and famous-for-D.C. types are sent in by readers. Send yours to . In this issue: Derek, Vaughn, Wilson (No ban yet!), Thompson, Iverson (Lengthy write up!) and that short guy people are always seeing.

We saw Bo Derek last night [5/6] around 10 pm getting out of a Jaguar at the new Mandarin Oriental Hotel.  She was with two men and another women, they all appeared to be old friends.  She was very beautiful in person and seemed very friendly to everyone.

Saw Vince Vaughn at the Four Seasons in Georgetown, DC on Saturday afternoon [5/8]. Just sitting there eating a late lunch. Husband refused to recognize him, even though he loved the movie Swingers.

Don't know if he has been banned yet [Are you kidding? We're desperate here. - Ed.], but we saw Owen Wilson, just like everyone else, on Saturday [5/8] early afternoon on M Street in Georgetown in front of Madeline (gross, hope he wasn't eating there) talking on a cell phone, his hair is super blond, blonder than usual, but you can't mistake that nose. No one seemed to recognize him or act as if they did. He is cuter in person than in Starsky and Hutch.

Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson was spotted Sunday morning [5/9] in a long checkout line at the Alexandria Home Depot. (Note to Home Depot lobbyists: You make Secretaries wait THAT long? No Prescription Drug Benefit for you!) The most adorable ex-Wisconsin Governor in all the land was buying several bags of mulch, assorted fertilizers, etc. He was reading the Washington Post Editorial Page but would stuff it in his pocket when Mrs. Thompson had a comment or question about some bottle of weed killer.

Sunday afternoon [5/9], I was driving with my girlfriend up P Street 7th St., when, just before arriving at Florida Ave., we couldn't help but notice two giant Bentleys headed in the opposite direction. They were out of place in this area, which is bordered by a trash-littered CVS parking lot, Popeyes, numerous liquor stores and assorted homeless people. Who should be driving the lead Bentley but none other than... West Virginia's own Allen Iverson! (A lot of people don't know who he is, apparently. He's the Philadelphia 76er who regularly leads the league in scoring and is a one-time Georgetown Hoya luminary.) He turned into some kind of "J&L Car Care" or some such thing, followed by the other Bentley, where the cars proceeded to receive quite a carwashing after the gates were closed behind them. One moment after he pulled in, a large woman in a car driving by saw him as well, and started screaming "oh my gawd oh my gawd oh my gawd" at the top of her lungs like it was the most important woman of her life. My girlfriend asked her through her rolled-down car window, "Did you see Allen Iverson?" She screamed "yes yes yes yes!" People gathered and stared at the fenced-in carwashing for as long as it took me and my girl to order some Popeyes. Allen Iverson's proximity was the talk of the Popeyes.

In a possibly related development, while we were standing in Popeyes, a man in a fluorescent lime-green suit strutted by in a fashion befitting a man who was very confident in his lime-green suitedness. He was coming from the direction of the carwashing across the street. He was wearing a white hat and white shoes, as well. A Popeyes patron appropriately observed that "he looked like a Skittle."

P.S. -- Allen Iverson looked like he always does... with a bandana type thingie and some kind of hat and an expression of a man who is just so "real" and "hard" and "cool."

I walked passed George Stephanopoulos crossing Rhode Island at Connecticut at quarter past 12 [5/10]. Considering ABC News' DC office is right around the corner, this is hardly surprising.


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