Nearly every sighting this week comes from the exact same place, several at the exact same time. Wonkette operatives didn't even need to use their sharp eyes to spot these old men in a barrel. Apparently, Bistro Bis is the be-seen restaurant du jour. Or maybe it was all along -- the closest we come to a power lunch is eating a burrito really fast. But John Kerry, John Bolton, Jon Tester , Jim Lehrer, and Steve Kroft have more discriminating palates. You get all of them, and one Senator too busy working on his abs to respect his elders, by indulging your Mecury-in-retrograde-moon-is-in-the-seventh-house fantasies on the other side of the worm hole.

It's not usually this easy, but we know you know it's the hard that makes it good. Once you've reached your sightings goal tell us (with "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line) and we'll stick it here so the famous-for-DC crowd gets the word that if they go out to eat, they'll be seen -- even if it's late night at the South Capitol St. Taco Bell.

* Saw John Kerry at Bistro Bis last night [1/10]. He sat at the big round table upstairs in the back. Some debate at our table about whether one of the other guys was Jon Tester, which would explain why Kerry was dining at Bistro Bis during restaurant week. He left early and did the whole "I'm famous" head-bow, not looking where he was going thing and almost knocked people over going out the door. Oh, and Steve Kroft from 60 Minutes was at the bar with some "women of certain ages" who seemed way too excited to be with him.

* Ex-UN Ambassador John Bolton seen [1/9] leaving Bistro Bis at the George hotel with an unknown male companion. The road-kill he calls a mustache looked just as much like, well road-kill, in person as it does on TV and in print.

* Walked right past John Bolton last Friday [1/5] around 5pm. He had just come out of the AEI building on 17th. The eyebrows are awesome in real life. He looks just like a cartoon character.

* Saw Jim Lehrer last night at Bistro Bis with some older broadcast journo-looking guy I didn't recognize.

* Just [1/9] saw Jeb Bush eating lunch at the Sea Grill at Rockefeller Center in NYC. Dining with another grey haired man. Jeb's really tall!!

* My mother reports from Topeka, KS that Sam Brownback was working out at the gym during President Ford's funeral on Tuesday (during the actual services) - and not paying a bit of attention to the television that was showing the services. Pretty appalling behavior from someone who aspires to that same office.

* I saw Halie Soifer (Legislative Aide from Sundance's The Hill) last week coming out of Ann Taylor on Connecticut Avenue with lots of shopping bags and getting into a cab. Nothing too exciting - kind of like the show!

* Saw Jeff Gannon on the Metro today. He got on at Eastern Market, off at Metro Center. Not so faun-like anymore. Definitely filling out the very Republican suit he was wearing. I suppose there are those who pay for that look, but not many I imagine.


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