Just because someone is on TV, has run for president, or whatever, doesn't mean they know how to dress themselves properly. Case in point: Ralph Nader. It's just not that cold out, Ralph.

Candy Crowley might need a few wardrobe tips too -- and a reality check. While we're giving unsolicited advice, how about a refresher driving class for Bob Novak? It seems like he needs it.

There's still more Wonk'd to come this week, so you have a few more days to fatten our inbox with sightings. Just put "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line, and we'll publish all the hot fresh spottings on Friday.

Check out the first installment of this week's sightings, after the jump.

* Wild man Bob Novak was turning left (towards the Capitol) onto Independence Ave. from 7th St. this morning [6/28] at about 8:15. He was driving a black corvette with a giant white scrape over the front driver's side panel. Slow down Bob, you might hurt somebody.

* Hillary Clinton and Dianne Feinstein dining at Black Salt on MacArthur Blvd last night [6/22]. Two other unidentified women were with them. It appeared to be Dianne's birthday.

* I just [6/27] saw CNN's own Candy Crowley exiting the Starbucks in Spring Valley. Candy was rocking a pink sundress for her latte excursion. She looked mad about something. What struck me more, though, was that she was wearing sunglasses. We are in the midst of a Noah's Ark moment here in D.C., so the sun is not much of a concern. Am I to believe that Candy is mobbed so frequently by the paparazzi that she needs shades to disguise herself?

* I saw Ralph Nader walking this morning (6/23) at 18th and Q. It was probably 90 degrees and he was wearing thick green cords and a weird checkered flannel shirt. He looked gangly and awkward. He looked like Ralph Nader.

* I saw Madeline Albright outside the National Press Club yesterday [6/22] around 1:15 or so. She's aging very well.

* Jeff Gannon really gets around. Last night [6/22] he was at the Mediabistro party at Left Bank. Later on, someone told me they saw him at Asylum still wearing his blue blazer.

* This past Tuesday [6/20], Cynthia McKinney arrived at the Caribbean American Heritage Reception in Rayburn. The food ran out and she and her aide seemed pissed. Also, she did have her cell phone in her hand. Very scary!

* I saw Spencer Bachus at his son's wedding in Birmingham, AL last Saturday, June 17. He really needs to get rid of the evangelist hairstyle. His wife (the 2nd one) really needs to eat a sandwich.


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