We may not have a celebrity sightings map yet, a la Gawker Stalker. But who knows, maybe we will someday...

In the meantime, we have to do celeb sightings the old fashioned way. Check out this week's crop, available after the jump. And please email us with your sightings in the future, with "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line. Thanks!

* Saw George Stephanopoulos near Farragut Square today [3/16] on my way to lunch. The only thing gossip-y to say was that it looked like he was caked in orange-y makeup (unless that's just his natural skin color)...

* Saw Ways & Means Chairman Bill Thomas walking out of Charlie Palmers at about 9 AM on Wednesday, March 15, rounding the corner to the alley behind the building.

* While we're on the subject of evil twins, I could have sworn I saw Senator Obama at the 7th Avenue Subway station in Park Slope, Brooklyn last night [3/13]. But he didn't look very dapper and I will confess that I had been drinking. Chuck Schumer lives nearby, though. Will this do?

* I spotted Barbara Bush (the daughter) eating lunch at the Lafayette Park Teaism today [3/8]. She was wearing yoga-type clothes, which makes total sense considering that she doesn't have a job and therefore has time for yoga in the middle of the day on a Wednesday.

* Ana Marie Cox struggling to get her bag into the overhead bin on the Delta Shuttle flight from DC-Regan to NY-Laguadia.

* While sitting in the middle of my DC Bar Mandatory Ethics class on 3/7/06, I looked around and discovered that none other than John Ashcroft was sitting just two rows behind me. Sighting was confirmed by five friends/ politics junkies. The class is mostly intended for lawyers who are newly admitted to the DC bar, which begs the question of what he was doing there. According to Wikipedia (surely a reliable source!), he is currently working as a lobbyist. [Ed. note: that's correct.] I like to think he's already done something so naughty that the bar has had to discipline him for an ethics violation. I spent to rest of the day stealing very obvious glances at him and hoping he'd break into song.

* Saw John Edwards Sunday evening [3/5] at Clyde's in Georgetown. He seemed to be enjoying himself and was gracious with those who interrupted him for autographs. In real life he is far more attractive than I had been lead to believe. Seeing him in person only makes me more upset about the current VP's lack of hotness, or soul for that matter. One can only wonder what the world would be like if a face like that was representing us. The possibilities are endless.

* Saw former Bush-work-wife-wannabe Heather Wilson waiting in Dallas Fort Worth International on March 2nd waiting for a flight back to NM. She looked decidedly less evil than I expected, but was sporting a bright red wool trench. She had herself a diet soda, flipped through some women's magazine from the stand, then started scribbling on briefing papers. Saw her in first class on the plane as I trudged back to steerage.

We've done it before, we'll do it again. Here's a celeb sighting without a celeb:

* This afternoon [3/9] one of our esteemed government officials ("esteemed" enough to necessitate a gazillion-car motorcade and police escort) made a pit stop at the CVS on M and 20th NW. Inspired by our friend the cyclist, I whipped said official the bird, much to the horror of my dutiful boyfriend waiting nearby to take me home from work. I explained that I was just displaying solidarity with our fellow commuters who were stuck too far back in traffic


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