After a multi-week hiatus, today's Wonk'd features the return of George Stephanopoulos, who's hip to the best pizza in DC. Also, from NYC, the bi-metro Clintons party with, but not like, rockstars, while Al Gore dry-humps his SUV. Cynthia McKinney keeps it real, and, uh, Ruben Studdard was here for some reason. Finally, a sighting so heinous it needs a disclaimer: If you make the jump, and read what follows, you will be unable to completely erase the mental image from your mind. Things thought cannot be unthought -- even with all the drugs you bought last night for the weekend.

See a celebrity? Or what passes for one in DC? Let us know what state of undress they were in. Make sure your email has "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line and the name of the person who caused you to go mute and retreat from society. Thanks!

  • We waited for a table with, and then sat next to, George Stephanopoulos and his two daughters at 2 Amys tonight [10/28]. He was with a woman who looked like she might be their grandma, and they seemed to be having a nice time. We smiled at his cute daughters a lot and he smiled back. He was sporting a small bandage on his nose.

  • There was a Rolling Stones benefit concert for the Clinton Foundation at Beacon Theatre [NYC] last night [10/29] - where Jack White and Christina Aguilera performed their own duets with Mick Jagger.Bill and Hillary were there but left before midnight. The Clinton Party crew continued on at the after party at the Gramercy Park hotel where Courtney Love, Jack White, Steve Bing, and Mario Batali were amongst the guests who kept going into the early hours of the morning.

  • Spotted Al Gore at 9:43 am [10/31] outside the Regency Hotel at 61st and Park Ave. [NYC] getting into his presumably armored, greenhouse gas-spewing, and chauffeur-driven SUV.

  • So Cynthia McKinney stole my seat yesterday [10/30] at Reagan. I had my bag on a chair, next to a friend waiting for the 8:50 flight from Reagan to O'Hare. I ran off to get a bottle of water which i couldn't bring on to the plane, and I get back to waiting area and my bag is moved, and Cynthia McKinney is in my seat with a staffer on each side of her fawning over her. The best part about it was that the staffer had written multiple memos for her on...wait for it....childrens books. From what I could gather from the situation, the memos they were discussing were rhymes or story lines for childrens books that presumably McKinney will be writing now that she is out of a job. I am sure that all her soon to be former constituents will be happy to know that she has given up harassing police officers and instead has decided to waste taxpayer money by having her staff help her brainstorm childrens books lines and printing out the memos on congressional letter head.

  • Stood in the security line next to Ruben Studdard at DCA at 5am on Saturday morning (10/28). He was dressed in a brown sweatsuit (very Velvet Teddybear) and carried a huge Louis Vuitton bag. Really sweet and friendly for 5am, he joked with fellow travelers and the TSA staff. He was also on my 6am flight to Atlanta, sitting in first class.
  • Sunday [10/29] about 1pm I saw Grover Norquist outside of his Capitol Hill townhouse -- SHIRTLESS. If the whole grotesque image of his pale, flabby, sporadically hairy chest and erect nipples had not seared my retinas to a crisp, his particularly sickly shade of whiteness alone would have done the trick. Before my eyes were reduced to heaps of ash, I noted that he seemed to be waving a large, thick, black floppy hose around. I am sure that this will be the first and last time that this particular combination of words is ever associated with Mr. Norquist, unless there is more behind his endorsement of Tony Williams for Ward 6 City Council than we know.

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