Wonk'd: What Did They Do with the Tamari Almonds?

Wonk'd documents sightings of famous-for-DC types most anywhere and famous-famous people in Washington. Send yours to: . It's a little light this month because of a total system failure at Wonkette HQ (meet the new hard drive, same as the old hard drive!) resulting in the loss of, well, everything, but including the last few weeks' of sightings. Anyhow, in this issue: Wolf, Lockhart, Ashcroft, Kucinich, James Rehnquist, Kissinger, Stephanopoulos, Ethan Hawke and Alexis Bledel. Also: Glover Park Whole Foods apparently the D.C. Spago's.

9/1 Palena's in Cleveland Park, a polo-shirted Wolf Blitzer and lady, dining with another couple in the cafe area; no word on whether he observed that the other patrons were "so rich and so white."

In the very definition of a "famous-for-DC" sighting, I stood next to Joe Lockhart in the checkout line at the Georgetown/Wisconsin Avenue Safeway on Monday (9/5). He looked relaxed and happy--though it was odd to see him sans podium. He was with an adorable tween girl whom I assumed to be his daughter.

September 6th -- John Ashcroft - corner of 19th and I NW.  He was with two young men, perhaps going to Ceiba?  Could not tell.....but why is he still here? Shouldn't he be back in Missouri speaking in tongues to God by now?

September 8th -- Dennis Kucinich leaving Longworth - normally I wouldn't think this would be a worthy sighting since it's where the pocket-sized Spock works but he had his positively amazonian new wifey with him.  She also looked like she was my age.  And I've only been able to vote for 6 years.


i saw james rehnquist at the nats game last night (9/8). seems he got over his dad's passing pretty quick. i wouldnt have mentioned it however i have issues with the elder's lifelong antisemetic tendencies.

Henry Kissinger coming out of Heathrow Thursday night (9/8). He shot me such a filthy look (maybe because I was smoking under a no-smoking sign*) that I kept looking for black Suburbans in my rear view mirror the whole way home. Good job I stay clear of helicopters.

* OUTSIDE! Who bans smoking outside ffs?

9/11 noonish George stephanopolous at glover park whole foods, carrying and engaged in conversation with child not quite as tall as him

On a Thursday 10 AM Sept 15th USAir flight from DCA to LaGuardia: Ethan Hawke and that Gilmore Girls girl. Ethan was sporting (shocker) greasy hair under a dirty trucker hat and some scruffy facial hair that complemented his discheveled blazer (shocker, again). Was spread out over a few seats waiting at Reagan. Initially thought he was homeless. Thought about calling security before I recognized him. Sat in 1st class in the front row when we finally borded. Alexis Bledel sat back in coach, looked rather dejected that no one recognized her. She's super pale, very short and almost frighteningly slim.


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