Wonk'd: why won't people use caps edition

Sightings of political figures, media types, and history-changing cable news geniuses are sent in by readers. Send yours to . In this issue: Carlson, Doles, Stephanopoulos, Lamb, Reid, Jackson.

just [4/9] spotted tucker carlson at 21&F (driving down 21st) in a navy, newish hardtop audi. i was jaywalking and he had to dodge me, so i got a pretty good look... he had the windows entirely rolled up, and looked sedated & out of it. taking a walk on the wild side in foggy- oy vey.

Senators Bob and Elizabeth Dole ate an Easter Brunch [4/11] with Senator Elizabeth Dole’s family on Sunday afternoon at the Four Seasons, Georgetown. Senator Bob Dole looked tanned, fit, refreshed, and more vibrant and youthful than he looked in the viagra commercials. Senator Elizabeth Dole sported a new, large bouffant and an Easter purple suit. Oddly enough, when the bill came Senator Bob Dole paid for the table of eight in cash. What does that say about the state of the economy?

from saturday [4/10] george stephanopoulos doing the fish kabob thing at moby dick in the same suit he wore on sunday's show

Saturday [4/10], Brian Lamb (& wife I presume) shopping for televisions at Potomac Yards Best Buy in Alexandria (the big flat screen types). Also, NBC's Chip Reid doing brunch at the Cafe Milano bar yesterday [4/11].

I just [4/13] saw the Reverent Jesse Jackson walk into a little men's clothing store (the clothing store is little, not Rev. Jackson, who is quite sizable) at 2000 M Street.  He was talking on a cell earpiece and looking casual.  His two large "travelling companions" were messing around with the the trunk of the large black luxury car he drove up in.  Very exciting stuff.


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