These sightings always bring more questions than answers. Is Tom Vilsack so hard up for publicity that he'll sit in a window scarfing burgers to get noticed? What makes George Allen think he's still a member of Congress? Is James Carville sane? Does Donald Rumsfeld need a lawyer for all the reasons we think he does? If Ted Kennedy can get his dog to follow his commands, how come no one else does? Is Chris Matthews sane? Has Norah O'Donnell been watching too much Godfather II? Did Tucker Carlson rub one out to Miss America after their lunch? Keep reading to see what's making us wonder about this stuff, plus a former congressman who travels with the kind of luggage you don't carry if you want to get your gayness fixed.

Sometimes you just don't want to know. But we always do, so email us your disturbing discoveries (with "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line) and we'll post 'em here with just a touch of mean spirited speculation.

* Saw Iowa Gov./WH-hopeful Tom Vilsack and his wife Christie eating dinner at Mr. Smith's around 8pm yesterday (2/3). They were sitting in the front window, fully visible to the crowds walking down M Street. No one seemed to recognize them. Good thing too, or they'd probably fall asleep just looking at him. I almost did earlier that day at the Dupont Circle Hilton when he addressed the DNC Winter Meeting.

* At Palm Beach International airport last night [2/4] standing by the luggage carousel was Mark Foley with his Palm Beach plastic surgeon-boyfriend and a pile of Vuitton carry-ons. He was staring at his feet with his back to everyone. No one at the airport seemed to notice him. I stared at him long enough that he turned and looked at me. We made eye-contact and I gave him a, "I know what's up" smile. It was without a doubt him.

* During the DNC meetings at the Hinckley Hilton last week, I witnessed the very pregnant Norah O'Donnell ensuring her twins have especially low birth weight by smoking like a chimney walking between the hotel and the NBC stand-up.

* Walking our dogs in Sheridan-Kalorama/Embassy Row after dark on Thursday, 2/1, a preppy and informally dressed Ted Kennedy was standing between a minivan and his giant, light-yellow house. One of his dogs barked at ours, and he yelled in that unmistakable Boston accent: "Sonny, get in that house!" Then he waved and said over his shoulder "Hi, there." He disappeared into the house, and the other guy standing near the minivan gave us a very hearty "Good evening," with friendly but kind of intense eye contact.

* Just [2/6] saw George Allen walking down 12th St. NW at G St. Wearing no coat in this coldest-morning-in-3-years day, we could spot (from a window in our cozy, warm office) the former senator wearing his Congressional pin. Maybe he doesn't he remember that he lost in November. He was walking down the street alone with no entourage, nodding and smiling at people as if he was King of the World. WTF.

* Chris Matthews was on my flight from Reagan National Airport to Charlotte on Friday [2/2], sitting in coach. I was going to say something to him, but he seemed on the verge of a meltdown. After getting off the plane, he stopped at a restaurant called "Fresh Attractions," angrily paced back and forth for a while, trying to decide whether he wanted to order something at the counter or grab something pre-prepared, and finally just bought a Coke. I guess he was traveling to judge the Miss America Pageant, which, to be fair, would make anyone a little irritable.

* Just finished lunch at the Plam [2/7]. When I sat down, there was a gorgeous blond waiting at a large table with another older woman. Then, Tucker Carlson, wearing a regular tie, shows up with a few folks. Then Chris Matthews shows up, and everyone at the table starts clapping. The maitre'd explained that the blond is Miss America 2007, the one Chris Matthews just helped select as a judge.

* Saw Tucker Carlson at Dulles checking in [2/8]. He refused to get off his Treo. I guess he was callin his boo. I'm actually three feet from him now. We are taking a tram to the terminal.

* I saw Donald Rumsfeld downtown today [2/7] walking into the law firm of Williams and Connelly.

* Saw James Carville [2/8] at 2nd and Penn. SE waiting in line for the ATM. When he got to the machine, he started yelling at it to give him his money.

* On Monday [2/5] I saw James Carville at the Trader Joe's in Old Town. He looked like he was walking out but wasn't carrying anything except a newspaper. Wearing a blue sweatshirt and jeans. Must be nice to not have a real job.

* Spotted Channel 4 sports babe Lindsay Czarniak [2/8] enjoying a caffeinated beverage by herself at the Caribou Coffee at 17th and L. Appropriately enough, she was reading The Post's Sports section.


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