Wonkette Advertisers Have Bailout Plan For Wonkette

Wonkette Advertisers Have Bailout Plan For Wonkette

We want to do a special Tuesday Afternoon Sponsor Shouting Out, because jesus h. christ on a Bloomberg ticker, these are not really great financial times, and we are as happy as Hank Paulsonon a birdwatching trip to see so many ads here, today, and we encourage you to look at them, buy some cheap Xmas-Hanukkah-Kwanzaa presents, play the little Eco-Driving game, etc. So let's be thankful for Poli-Temps, EcoDrivingUSA, The Charlemagne Pursuit, the Prince 21 Nights book and CD, Taegan Goddard's Political Wire, BarackShirts.com, SendBushPacking.com, House of Ghosts, LittleDemocrats.net, Microsoft Live Search and our awesome buddies at BlogAds. Want to shake down Wonkette's readers for whatever money they've got left? Click here!


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