Wonkette Answers: Are You Still Dying for More Gin Posts?

Wonkette occasionally answers questions. Send yours to: .N.S.G.D. asks:

Why is gin considered snooty?  Last time I polished off a bottle of Tanqueray, I did $1200 worth of damage to my apartment, severed 3 tendons in my hand and threw all of my furniture out of my window.  Good thing I only live on the 6th floor...


Best way to enjoy gin is on ice with a twist of lime.  By the time you realize how terrible it tastes, you'll be in prime position to start breaking shit and angry that you drank it in the first place... 


It's also really good if you want to yell at your wife/girlfriend. 



 Non-Snooty Gin Drinker

We're not precisely sure why gin is considered "snooty" -- especially given its early low-life origins, but people sure do have the kind of pointy-headed opinions about it that are usually associated with fois gras and blow jobs. We've collected some of our favorites and will be posting them anon. Meanwhile, we're going to be keeping a first aid kit in the liquor cabinet from now on.

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