Wonkette Answers: Finally, a Real Drink

Wonkette occasionally answers questions. Send yours to: . A reader after our own heart takes us to task:

Can we please move on from your obsession with gin? I feel like you're growing plaid pants and monogrammed sweaters. I read in the Washington Post that the Bush campaign targeted their advertising to people who drank bourbon because they tended to be Republicans. Now, as a Democrat, I take umbrage at that. Or at least I would if I knew what the word umbrage meant. The fact is, I drink bourbon and I did not vote for Bush. In fact, I am now packing multiple hip flasks just to get through my day and I have bourbon with eggs and by my bedside when I retire. It's the only way I'm going to be able to get through another four years of this drift and sway. At present I shop just by volume, but I'm thinking that if I'm going to make this a habit I should go a little more up market. So the question to you, Miss Gin Obsessed, is what kind of bourbon should I be drinking?

We are shamed. Just because we've rediscovered our taste for gin (still picking out a favorite though Bombay Sapphire seems to be in the lead), it doesn't mean we've turned our back on bourbon -- the bottle I'd rather have in front of me. Maker's Mark is the default choice -- yummy and widely available, though Jack Daniels Jim Beam* will do in a pinch. If we're at one of those places where the waiter asks if you want "water or tap water," we don't mind putting our nose in the air and asking for Basil Hayden or -- hard to find but worth it -- Van Winkle.

And it's true, the only problem with being a bourbon drinker is that people tend to make all kinds of assumptions about you, though being a Republican isn't the one they write about on the bathroom wall.

*Started drinking early.


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