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M.R. asks:

Following up [on the gin preferences question], do you recommend different gin for different drinks? For example, I think Tanqueray was made to go with tonic (though that "Ten" crap is to be avoided at all cost) but it suffers when it has to stand (nearly) on its own in a martini. Meanwhile, plain old Bombay a whisper of vermouth and a couple olives is liquid bliss.....

Well, it's embarrassing to admit that there are areas of alcoholic knowledge in which we are less than experts. Okay, it's actually more embarrassing to admit that most of the time we don't care. Also, we've only recently returned to gin after a decade-long hiatus prompted by, uhm, yeah, it was unfortunate. Anyhoo, we live to serve and thus enlisted Wonkette's bone dry operative:

Bombay Sapphire for my bone dry martinis...for best and snootiest results rinse glass with capful of Cointreau.

Ten is pretty pointless. Tanq and tonic is good. Beefeater not horrible with mixers, but stay away (far away) for martinis.

Don't forget that tonic is medicinal, what with the quinine...


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