Wonkette Answers: Stocking Your Bar

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WT asks:

Please advise: What is your favorite gin? I think Gordons is actually better that Sapphire or the other more expensive ones. I think Plymouth is best though it has become pricier I swear since the NYT wrote an article about how it was Winston Churchill's favorite. Anyway, my bf and I are always arguing about which gin to buy and I figure Gordons is good and cheap.

"Good and cheap" is, of course, why we were so popular in high school. If, however, you are looking for a gin you can take home to Mom, Wonkette's mixology operative suggests Hendrick's. We'll let him prattle on for a bit:

Hendrick's is to gin what Basil Hayden and Belvedere are to bourbon and vodka: Snooty and small batchy and will attract supermodels to you if your bulky self winding watch doesn't already. But the fact is, there is some art in the creation; it's probably a little too floral for those who like gin that can strip countertops but when you wake up in the morning on a plane to Kazakhstan you'll smell like wild herbs and forrest nettles rather than a garage floor. Plus, the black, squat container looks like an improvised explosive device -- very "in" for these days on the eve of the Iraqi election.

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