Wonkette Answers: The McClellan Question

Wonkette occasionally answers questions. Send yours to: . A reader asks: "Do you think that engaging Scott McClellan a battle of wits could be considered 'asymmetrical warfare?'"

The reader poses an interesting question. (That's what they told us to say at CSPAN even when the lady called to blame us for her missing toaster pastry.) It's hard to judge symmetry without knowing who is on the other side of the air hockey table from the precarious Mr. McClellan. If you are a lobster, certainly a battle of wits would be scored in your overwhelming advantage. An automatic coin sorter, probably. (Those things are so neat!) Folger's tin of millet? No... Well, if it's really finely ground millet, maybe on domestic policy issues you could best him.

We kid because we love. We were reminded why we like Scott again today when we learned that Ari Fleischer's book on his years behind the lectern is showing up in bookstores in March. The release seems to be very closely guarded. Only Lying Liar and Ha! Ha! Watch Me Lie! magazines have been granted access to the galleys. Everyone else in the media is being left in the cold until the actual publication date, much like they were routinely left holding the warm bag of poop during Ari's tenure. At the White House this was considered a wonderful thing by Mr. Fleischer's former employer. In the media world though, it reminds us that they didn't let reviewers see Gigli or Ishtar until they were in theaters, either.


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