Wonkette Answers: Who Was Katie Couric Talking About?

Wonkette occasionally answers questions. Send yours to: . Regarding our post on Katie Couric's concern for tsunami victims versus her concern over the matrimonial state of celebrities, M.R. asks:

Ok, I'm probably spending far too much time thinking about silly "inside-the-beltway" stuff, like, "Why are 'Homeland Security' funds being used to pay for a partisan political function like the Inauguration?" But, that whole Katie Couric exchange left me scratching my head. Who the fuck is she talking about? Am I supposed to know this? Am I a bad person because I don't?

Let's take these questions in reverse order. First: Yes, you are a bad person. A bad American, really. Next: You are supposed to know this. The knowledge should have come with the chip in your brain and the bar code on your wrist. Third: She's talking about Condi Rice and Bob Zoellick.


Not only did we all think they were really meant to be together, it's also going to make the second term so awkward. . .

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