Wonkette Caller Grills David Denby

Wonkette Caller Grills David Denby

Wetruly do not want to prattle on about this nonsense much longer, but it's fair to post our biased, liberal accounts of David Denby's appearance on an NPR affiliate today, during which a HEROIC Wonkette reader made it through screeners (natch) to pose a question directly to this film demon re: his horrible errors against American Journalism. Much squirming, as well as new factual errors, ensued.

First, here's the report from brave Wonkette radio operative "Laura," from Irving, Texas. "Laura" is so rich that she actually owns a telephone:

Dear Wonkette,

I called into "Think" on KERA in Dallas to defend your honor. I called Denby out on his lack of fact checking. His new position is that it's okay to say a woman wrote the Chelsea blog because, according to him, most of the commenters on Wonkette *are* women. He also acknowledged on his own (!) that the bottle-in-neck post was pre-tumor, but said that because you linked to the bottle post on your tumor post, Wonkette is vicious and mean, and gave his "what kind of minds would do that" line.


Irving, TX

A second account from Wonkette second-account operative Brett "The Hitman" Hart:

That douche David Denby was on KERA, my local NPR affiliate. A brave Wonketter somehow managed to be the first caller through to ask him a question, naturally, about the factual problems he has when discussing Wonkette. He stammers through not knowing Jim was a dude before going on to say that the blog is, "mostly written by women... and reflects the nasty, mean nature of snark" or words to that effect. He also amends his Teddy Kennedy line to say the post in question was "reposted" the day he went in for brain surgery. Later in the hour, he states Wonkette is still owned by Gawker.

The hour itself convinced me I shouldn't buy the book. Denby had no idea what he was talking about, and you reading any part of that book gets a gold star from me. His apparent thesis was that snark only happens when teenagers let too much information about themselves out online, AND THEN THE EVIL BLOGS SNARK THEM AND THEN THE CELEBRITIES. Really. The podcast will be up at http://kera.org/think eventually (it's NPR), might be worth checking out, might not. You already know Denby's an idiot and all this hour-long (less pledge drives) interview does is confirm it.

We have nothing else to add beyond highlighting this other factual error, that Wonkette is still owned by Gawker. Wrong, and this claim also appears in his book.

We leave you with a nice nugget from this recent LA Times interview:

[LAT]: You lay out nine Principles of Snark. Which of these is the worst? Which is most personally offensive to you?

Denby: No. 5. Total disregard of routine journalism. No phone calls, no checking things out. Journalism should try not to slander people.


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