Wonkette Chooses First Hispanic Vice Person of the Year

albertovice.jpgFormer United States Attorney General Alberto Gonzales makes the perfect Vice Person of the Year, because he'll always be someone's bitch. His subservience to Bush presented itself through various Senate hearings, where even the most tabloidy of questions would spin him into the "I do not recall" zone. Did you authorize the firings of eight US Attorneys because they weren't prosecuting the Demrats enough? I do not recall. Did you run to John Ashcroft's bed that time to force his morphined ass into authorizing torturey goodness? I do not recall. Do you know that if you say "I do not recall" one more time, I'll arbitrarily call you gay and make fun of you for being gay? I... do not recall. Haha, Alberto Gonzales is gay, he likes to kiss boys and stuff, don't you Alberto? I do not recall.

At least that's the best I can recall.


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