Wonkette Commenters Teach Obamacare-Hating Sheriff A Lesson By Paying His Medical Bills

Wonkette Commenters Teach Obamacare-Hating Sheriff A Lesson By Paying His Medical Bills

Wonkette is a force for good in the world, it has been proven! On Friday, we had the story of former Arizona sheriff guy Richard Mack, a wingnut Oath Keeper, who has also been a very public opponent of the tyrannical reach-around that is Obamacare. Mack and his wife do not have health insurance, because FREEDOM, but sadly both have suffered major health setbacks in the past several months, which has led them to experience the uniquely American wonders of getting driven into the poor house, due to ain't got no health insurance.

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So, get this, instead of taking this as a lesson learned, and being responsible adults and purchasing health insurance under evil Obamacare, their friends started a GoFundMe, trying to crowd-source $30,000 out of the goodness of people's hearts, so that the Macks might not have to face the consequences of their dumb actions. At the bottom of Wonkette's Friday post, we asked people "to kill Sheriff Mack with kindness," and to "[d]rop him $5 and a note reminding him what a shithead he’s been regarding access to affordable health care." We asked, partly as a joke, but you all freaking DID IT, and the results are hilarious. A few of the kind/rude/viciously mean people who donated to Mack's healthcare savings account may have come from Talking Points Memo, but probably not, we were the ones who issued a call to action, MUST CREDIT WONKETTE. We did this because clearly, as you may have heard rumors on the internet, we are A Christian.

As of this writing, the sheriff is a little over $4,000 away from reaching his goal, and by our back of the napkin calculations, evil liberals saying mean things like "hey maybe you could use this to buy some fucking Obamacare and stop being such a mooch" have given seven or eight thousand bucks to this raging old grump, just since Friday.

Some of you were absolutely hilarious:

A national GoFundMe, we LOLed about that one in the secret Wonkette chatcave.

Some of you were hilarious, while quoting the Bible at him, WELL DONE:

Some of you were KINDA mean:

Some of you were DOWNRIGHT mean, we won't repost those in case you were drunk at the time, but then, he is an asshole, while the very liberals he hates are buying his healthcare, out of the goodness of our dark shriveled commie hearts.

Some of you were GENEROUS. More than a few of you gave $50 or even $100 or more, all the while making sure to liberal up the guy's page:

And some of you just anonymously donated without even saying anything, because whatever, it's not like this entitled welfare queen is going to learn his lesson anyway.

Anyway, good job Wonketariat! You have done your Christlike deed for the year, you may go back to being horrible, catty, hilarious humans now.

Evan Hurst

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