Well DARNIT! None of Devin Nunes's plans are going the way he thought they would! (Just like that time Nunes RELEASED THE MEMO, after a week of Russian bots and rural pigfuckers tweeting RELEASE THE MEMO, after which everybody was like "LOL, Devin, that's your memo? That little thing? Put it away please.")

Nunes started the week suing his cow and his mom (not their real names), because there was a fake internet cow and a fake internet mom making fun of him too much and making him cry. Finally, Nunes had found somebody he wanted to unmask! (#UnmaskTheCow is the new hashtag, right-wingers, MAKE IT TREND.) Also he sued Twitter, for made-up reasons. Anyway, everybody laughed at his little lawsuit and said, "Put it away please," and now the online cow has one gazillion Twitter followers, and forevermore anybody who tries to Google Devin Nunes will learn about the cow, just like that naughty thing Dan Savage did to Rick Santorum so many years ago.

And now! AND NOW. Now, some kind of hooligan whippersnappers (probably friends of the cow) found a video of young Devin Nunes on C-SPAN in 2010, just stone cold defending protesters calling John Lewis, Civil Rights Hero, the N-word. This was during the Age Of The Teabaggers, who were very upset about Obamacare, and just in general upset about how Barack Obama was a Kenyan Gay Muslim Usurper from Homosexi-stan, and also a literal dictator.

So C-SPAN host Steve Scully asked Nunes what he thinks about these protesters calling John Lewis the N-word. Nunes had thoughts!

NUNES: Yeah, well, I think that when you use totalitarian tactics, people begin to act crazy. I think there's people that have every right to say what they want. If they wanna smear someone, they can do it.

Nunes added that it was "inappropriate," and said he would "stop short of" -- TIME OUT POP QUIZ! what do you think Devin Nunes would stop short of? Calling John Lewis the N-word? Taking a political argument over whether everybody should have healthcare (TOTALITARIANISM!) and turning it into an excuse to hurl racial slurs? No! He said he would stop short of calling the 20,000 people protesting in Washington that day racist, just because a mere handful of them were being racist.

But, you know, it's mostly cool, because of the totalitarianism. The totalitarianism of a majority of the House of Representatives and a supermajority of the Senate looking at a thing, studying it, amending it, holding hearings over months and years, and voting "yes."

Quick reminder of what the teabaggers protesting Obama were like! There were the ones who wore t-shirts that said, "Yep, I'm a racist," and there was this lady

and this sign

and this book display

and this meme

Just a few million bad apples, isn't that right, Devin Nunes?

Wonkette condemns Devin Nunes's cow (the IRL cow of his nightmares, not the Twitter account) for putting its big cow hoof up Devin Nunes's butt and doing that thing he likes forcing him to defend people calling John Lewis the N-word in 2010, you know, because of all the TOTALITARIANISM. We also look forward to many more finds like this from Devin Nunes's past, SO WE CAN POST THEM ON THE INTERNET AND CONDEMN THEM, AS WELL!

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