Did you hear the nice story about how beautiful, loving prime minister of our hearts and our pants Justin Trudeau took his family off to explore the Québécois wilderness, and emerged from a cave nekkid from the waist up, to the delight of a common Canadian family who were ALSO exploring the wilderness? That happened! A child in the family asked for a selfie, and he got one!

Let's hear more of their story:

When a Peterborough family set out on a hike inside Quebec’s Gatineau Park, they didn’t expect to see a cave, let alone a shirtless prime minister popping out of one!

“It was like a 20-foot-wide round hole and Justin (Trudeau) emerged with his family in tow and said, ‘This is the moment of truth; do we stop here or do we carry on?’” said Jim Godby, who was on a five-day camping trip at the park last week with his wife, Arlene, and two kids — Alexander, 13, and Charlotte, 10. [...]

As they went to take a peek inside [the cave], Godby heard the familiar voice. That’s when Trudeau, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau and two of their children surfaced in what Godby described as a casual chance encounter that humanized the prime minister.

“It was just said with such an enthusiastic, joyful tone that that’s what kind of struck me,” Godby said of Trudeau’s comment, which appeared to be referring to whether the family should continue hiking or not. “He evidently enjoys leading. . . . It seemed pretty characteristic of his personality.”

Godby only spoke with an excited Grégoire Trudeau, who urged the family to venture inside the cave: “You’ve got to try this!” she said, noting the waist-high stream inside, which explained Trudeau’s shirtlessness.

Yeah yeah yeah, we're sure your family will treasure this chance encounter with Canadian Prime Minister Sexy Sexington for years to come, frame the picture on the mantle, tell all the grandkids about what happened that day, blah blah blah, JUSTIN TRUDEAU, WE FUCKING KNOW YOU TOOK OTHER PICTURES ON THAT TRIP. GIVE IT. GIVE IT NOW. WE KNOW YOU TOOK YOUR SHIRT OFF AND FLEXED YOUR MAN BODY AS YOU CLIMBED AROUND IN CAVES, AND WE KNOW YOUR WIFE SOPHIE TOOK PICTURES ON HER PHONE BECAUSE ALL WIVES, EVEN PRIME MINISTER'S WIVES, TAKE PICTURES OF THEIR HOT HUSBANDS WHEN THEY ARE OUT IN THE WILD, BEING HOT.



We promise we won't publish them, Scout's honor.

(We were never a Boy Scout, but we still pinky swear with our other fingers crossed behind our back, because we are lying.)

[Toronto Star]

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