Wonkette Does Its Homework

feld.jpgYesterday, we posted a fairly testy letter from former gossip columnist and all-time dog enthusiast Karen Feld.

One of the many things she took issue with was our post earlier this month calling attention to her appearance on the guest list for the Institute for Fiduciary Education's Leadership Award Dinner, on which Feld was listed with a media affiliation (Washington Post) that Feld is not actually affiliated with. Ms. Feld wrote:

I have never heard of IFE and certainly did not attend their event. If someone is using my name or someone at IFE made an error I don't know anything about that, but I do know that had Pareene done his homework, he would have found the answer.

IFE's Hanna Bondarewska happily confirmed to us that yes, Karen Feld did attend the Leadership Award dinner.

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