Wonkette Editor 'Jim Newell' Leaving To Type About Politics Somewhere Else


AHEM. [Turning third-person voice off for first time ever.] I come with a "Tuesday Night News Dump" that will be a great source of joy to those of you who have put up with my lies for more than 2.5 years: I am leaving you people, my beloved readers, to type about politics for another Internet blog. The blog is called RedState. No just kidding, it's Gawker.

Yes, it's true. After replacing Alex Pareene at Wonkette in 2007, I will now replace... Alex Pareene... at Gawker's politics slot, which he left very recently. As long as I keep blatantly copying his style, I should have steady employment for life, as he is very talented.

I am not sure when my last day at Wonkette will be -- either at the end of this week or early next week. YOU WILL BE THE FIRST TO KNOW, unless someone else is.

What else... not much else, right now. I'm very excited about the new job! But it's damn near paralyzing to think about leaving Wonkette.

This is good news for John McCain.


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